nJoy Eleven Wand - 11 Inches Of Pleasure


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Facts about this sex toy
The nJoy Eleven is an 11 inch pure stainless steel dildo. This wand is double-sided to provide you with two intense pleasure options. This is one of the biggest dildos we've ever seen.
Features fo this sex toy
  • A huge stainless steel dildo
  • 11" by 2"
  • Two insertable ends

Full Description of this sex toy
The nJoy Eleven is a large stainless steel wand. The Eleven measures a generous 11 inches long and 2 inches in diameter.

The Eleven is double-sided: One side is smooth and sleek with a bulbous head, while the the other side is ridged for intense vaginal or anal pleasure. This dildo pushes the boundaries of pleasure with its extra-large size and imparts an unparalleled feeling of fullness.

The nJoy weighs in at a massive 2.75 pounds. The nJoy is a great tool for G-spot stimulation or prostate massage. This pure stainless steel toy can be heated or chilled to provide versatile pleasure sensations.

The nJoy Eleven comes with its own high-quality black leather clutch for storage and discreet transport. Because it is made from stainless steel, the Eleven can be easily cleaned through boiling or any other more traditional method.

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