Erotica - Renovation

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Heat and and light poured through her. “Emmit,” she moaned. All she could feel was his cock, filling her, making her come so hard her teeth went numb. And still he was thrusting in and out. Each thrust playing a different, delicious chord across her body.

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Heat and and light poured through her. “Emmit,” she moaned. All she could feel was his cock, filling her, making her come so hard her teeth went fucking numb. And still he was thrusting in and out. Each thrust playing a different, delicious chord across her body.

Mattie chewed on the tip of her thumb nervously. “Well? What do you think?” “Fucked that up pretty good.” Emmit pulled a small hammer off his tool belt and tapped the wall gingerly. Several pieces of plaster promptly crumbled, little bits and a cloud of dust falling toward the floor.

“I couldn’t find the studs,” Mattie said.

“No wonder. That’s lathe and plaster. It looks solid to those electronic stud-finders, but it’s not.” A chunk of plaster the size of his hand dropped to the floor.

She covered her face with her hands. “Can you fix it?”

“Yeah.” He took a step back and surveyed the damage. “It’ll take a while. Most of this.” He motioned to the shattered plaster. “Most of it will have to come down and then I can put up a new layer and it should be good as new.” Emmit paused. “Unless you want drywall instead?”

“No.” She shook her head. “I like the plaster.”

“All right.” The fingers on his right hand ticked as he calculated. “I should be able to get most of it done today.”

Mattie sighed, relieved. “You’re the best, Emmit.”

He cocked an eyebrow and grinned. “I know.”

“Need anything?”

“Just room to work.”

“Oh. Right.” She waved a vague hand towards the door. “I’ll be in the kitchen if you need anything.”


She went down the hall to the kitchen and paused for a moment, leaning on the counter. God, that grin. Still made her wobbly ‘round the knees. A little smile parted her lips and she chanced a quick peek down the hall. To her disappointment there was already plastic hung over the doorway to the front room. Damn.

Mattie scowled. Not that she needed another glimpse anyway. That door, the figurative one, had been shut a long time ago. At fifteen it had felt like the end of the world when Emmit moved on to someone who was... more open to the physical side of the relationship. Even now her heart felt a little bruised thinking about it.

Whatever. She had made the right decision at the time. But she couldn’t help wishing that the offer... No – wishing the question was being asked now. Now when she really needed something good. Now when she could see all the things she loved about Emmit. Now when she was ready to say yes.

An odd noise rattled up the hall. Sort of like something breaking. Sort of like a truckload of gravel being dumped on the floor. She looked down the hall again. Dust curled out around the edges of the plastic.


There was a lengthy pause. Mattie opened her mouth to try again when the plastic pulled back and a dust-coated Emmit looked at her sheepishly. “Looks like I’ll be doing the whole wall.”

“Was that what that noise was?”

“Yeah.” He tried to wipe the dust off his goggles. “I don’t suppose you have a fan. And maybe a clean rag I can wipe this off with.”

“Sure. Just a minute.”

The fan was in a closet back in the bedroom and took a moment to find. The washcloth was easier, but she had to dig to find a clean bucket. By the time she got back to the front room Emmit had scooped up most of the debris and shoveled it out the open window into a wheelbarrow. Everything, including him, was still covered in fine white dust.

“I brought the fan,” she said. “And some water.”

“Perfect.” He grinned and her pulse quickened. “Just plug that in over there so maybe some of this...” His gesture took in the vague white tint in the air. “Will go outside.”

Mattie set the fan in the window, plugged it into the wall-socket and turned around just in time to see Emmit pulling his shirt off.

It had been a while since she’d seen him naked. Well, nearly naked. Twelve damn years. He was taller and the lanky high school boy she remembered had been replaced by a lean, muscular man. The tattoo on his shoulder had been joined by another more complex one that spread across his shoulders.

She took a shallow breath and tried to swallow her heart back to its normal location.

Emmit reached up and pulled the elastic band out of his hair, shaking thick curls across his shoulders as he brushed little bits of plaster and dust free with his fingers.

Mattie caught her lower lip between her teeth and watched in fascination as he washed his face, wet the washcloth again and wiped down his shoulders and chest.

“That dust,” he said. “Gets into everything.”

She nodded and began edging toward the door. “I... uh. Some stuff. Work to do. If you need anything else.” Her foot snagged on the edge of the tarp he’d put down on the floor and she went down hard on hands and knees. “Ow.”

“Hey.” He knelt beside her, one strong hand resting in the small of her back.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” She nodded, staring at the floor between her hands. “Fine. I’m fine.”

Actually, her right knee was stinging pretty bad. No doubt a stray bit of plaster. But that was much less important than getting away from him before she said something and made a complete fool out of herself.

“You sure?” Emmit shifted and suddenly she was staring at his crotch. Yikes. Mattie turned her head quickly to one side. “Not a big deal. A scratch maybe. I’ll wash it in the bathroom.”

“You’re acting funny. Did you hit your head?”

“No.” She pushed up onto her feet, still staring at the demolished wall, her hands, over his shoulder towards the door.

“What’s wrong, Mattie?”

She felt his hand under her chin and closed her eyes just in time. I can’t. He’ll know. He’ll fucking know.

“Mattie.” Now there was a definite edge of concern in his voice. “Look at me.” Reluctantly she obeyed. His eyes were the same. Rich and brown and totally able to read her every thought. She swallowed hard.

“Oh,” he said.

“I’m sorry. This wasn’t... I just called you because I thought you wouldn’t laugh at me for ruining my wall. And then. Seeing you. I missed you. A lot. More than I had thought. And you took your shirt off. You look good. I like the new ink. And I just want to go into the bathroom and clean up. Catch my breath. Please, Emmit.” She stopped short. Only because she didn’t have any breath left.

Dear god. I have totally fucked this up.

“You know,” Emmit said after a moment. “Me too.”

Me too? Me too what?

He knelt and examined her knee. The one that was stinging. “That’s not bad. Just a little scrape really.” He looked up at her reassuringly. “Already starting to scab.” Licking his thumb he brushed it across the cut. “By this evening I doubt you’ll even know it’s there.”

Mattie took a few quick breaths. His hand was still resting on the back of her knee. “That’s real good.” Her voice squeaked sharply on the last word.

Emmit nodded and put his other hand on her other knee. Slowly slid them up the back of her legs – fingers brushing her thighs – and cupped her ass gently. She took another breath, dizzy. Excited. He brought one hand back down a little, crept his fingers under the edge of her panties and touched that hot, wet spot right at the apex of her legs.

Mattie gasped as he slid a finger inside her, legs trembling reflexively. He grinned and pulled his hand back out from under her skirt to lick the wetness – her wetness – off his finger. “You taste good, Mattie.” She stared at him, open-mouthed. “What’s wrong?”

“Just... no one’s ever...”

“Never tasted your pussy?”

She licked her lips. “Er. Not like that.”

He shrugged. “Their loss.” Before she could figure out a reply he slid his hand back up under her skirt and squeezed her ass firmly. Catching the hem of her shirt with his teeth he tugged it up a little and then kissed her belly button. She watched the top of his head, the hard muscles in his back and shoulders rippling under tan skin as he pulled her panties to the floor. Warmth bloomed in her cheeks and she bit down on a whimper of impatience.

Emmit reached up and undid the first button on her skirt. She took a deep breath, hands fluttering at her sides. He paused, fingers hovering over the next button. “May I?”

“Yes, please,” she said quick and he chuckled.

But he unfastened the rest of the buttons almost faster than she would have thought possible and pulled her skirt down smoothly. “Oh, my.” He brushed his hand across the wild, red-gold hair between her legs.

“I’m sorry,” she said automatically.

“No. It’s gorgeous.” He nuzzled against it, curling his tongue over her clit, then moving lower and deeper to lick her slick folds.

Mattie took a half-step back as her legs started to shake. “I might... come if you keep that up.”

Emmit looked at her with a wicked grin. “Good.” He put his hands on her ass and pulled her closer.

“But -” she began.

“I won’t let you fall,” he said gently. “Please let me make you come?”

There it was. The question. At long last she was ready to answer. “Yes,” she said. “Make me come, Emmit.”

He held her legs tight and licked her clit insistently. His tongue was soft, wet and hot and he stroked her quickly over the edge. She cried out as she came in his mouth and he laughed but in a happy way.

Carefully he let her down onto her knees and kissed her lightly on the mouth. “I’ve been waiting a long time to do that.”

She sighed and laid her head on his shoulder. “Yeah. That was fantastic.”

“You don’t sound so sure of that.”

Mattie kissed the side of his neck. “It was just kind of.... fast.”

“We are just getting started.”

“Oh.” And then as the words sank in. “Ah.” There wasn’t much talking for a several long minutes while they kissed. Long. Hot. Deep.

Mattie’s cunt was aching and she shifted, instinctively seeking the firm bulge of his cock. “Ow.” She paused and rocked back onto her heels, rubbing a sore spot on her thigh. “This needs to come off,” she said, fumbling with the buckle on the tool belt.

Emmit pushed her hands aside and unfastened it easily. “There.” He leaned toward her, starting to rock her back onto the floor.

“Dust,” she said.

“Right.” He stood up, grabbed her wrists, pulled her to her feet. “Bedroom, bathroom or kitchen,” he asked, ducking through the plastic over the door. She shook her head. “Here’s good.”

His eyebrows went up a little but he didn’t argue. He unbuckled his jeans and she dropped onto her knees, pulling them down past his hips. His cock was pushing through the fly on his boxers and she pulled those down too. Oh, my. The tip was already starting to drip milky seminal fluid and she licked it off eagerly.

Emmit put his hand on the back of her head, encouraging. She wrapped her lips tight around his shaft and sucked him deep into her mouth. He made a noise, somewhere between a gasp and a grunt, and his fingers tightened in her hair.

Mattie began sliding his cock in and out, savoring the salty tang of him, enjoying the feeling of him filling her mouth. He got even harder and when she reached up to cup his balls they were tight. She stroked the ridge of skin on the bottom side of the tip with her tongue and sucked hard.

“God, Mattie.” Emmit grabbed his erection tight with his free hand and pulled her upright with the other. He shoved her back against the wall, set the tip of his cock against her pussy and thrust inside.

She mewled, toes curling with pleasure.

“Yeah?” Emmit said. He sounded out of breath.

“P...please,” she stammered. He grabbed her ass and lifted her up, pushing all the way into her. “Ohhh.” Mattie wrapped her legs around him tightly as little tremors started shivering from her cunt up across her belly and down her thighs.

“Like that?” he asked. He was thrusting in and out, not too fast, not too slow, and just hard enough to make her heart-rate double.

“Yes. Oh, yes.” She braced her shoulders against the wall and rocked with him. Sweat was starting to bead on his skin. He caught his lower lip between his teeth and fucked her harder. Oh, god. Faster.

The tremors were getting more intense. With every thrust of his cock, her cunt tightened up around him sending waves of sheer oh-sweet-Jesus rushing through her. She arched back, smacking her head against the wall. “Ow.”

“You all right?”

“Don’t fucking stop,” she said.

He slid a finger up her ass and fucked it fast while he slammed his cock deep inside her, holding the thick hardness of it tight against her sweet spot.

“Come, Mattie.” Licked the hollow at the base of her throat. “Come, Mattie.”

Sucked the sensitive skin just below her ear.

Heat and and light poured through her. “Emmit,” she moaned. All she could feel was his cock, filling her, making her come so hard her teeth went fucking numb. And still he was thrusting in and out. Each thrust playing a different, delicious chord across her body.

“Don’t stop,” he said. “Just... more.”

Mattie knotted her fingers in his hair and pulled his head down between her breasts. “Please, Emmit.” And he grunted once, twice and again as he came. She could feel him shaking and they went down on the floor in a blissful tangle of arms and legs.

She licked her lips, one hand drifting across his back, down to cup his ass and then back up. “Mmmm.” She wanted to say more but the neurons were firing more slowly than normal.

Emmit smiled. “Damn,” he said.

Mattie kissed his chest. “Me too.”


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