Fetishes R Us

executive summary
An erotic poem celebrating all the different flavors of love and desire.

hot facts
By Savannah Skye

Fetishes R Us

By Savannah Skye


Paint me with chocolate
Drop on the strawberries
Cream on the whip
Kiss my red devil lips
Run fire over my bare skin
Touch my hot burning fetish
With the flame of your sex
Let the hot wax drip
Drip from my nipple to ass
Let it drip, drip, drip...
Drip me into a pure ecstatic mass
Now you be my pony
I’ll strap on the gear
I’ll hop on your back
Hold on tight, having no fear
Then I’ll take your toes into my mouth
I’ll guide my tongue over the whole of your foot
I’ll go all the way down south
Where your pleasure takes root
Then together we’ll let the...
Mud envelop us, develop us
Spread it over us
Mud develop us, envelop us
From head to toe
Mud cover us, lover us
Swirl around and around and around us
Mud lover us, cover us
Til’ our deepest orgasms surround us
Afterwards we’ll plunge underwater
You and I
Where our bodies will buoyantly bounce
and the...
Sex will fly
Then with your hand as paintbrush
You will paint my ecstasy
Red, black and blue
With my body as a canvas for you
After I’ll wear my black
strapped patent leather
You’ll touch me with a feather
Lovecuff me to a pole
Oh love, my heart you have stole.


*Courtesy of www.sauce*box.com