Actively Trying - A Lubricant That Doesn't Interfere With Pregnancy

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About Welcome to, where pleasure meets privacy! Founded in 1999 by sex therapists, we're dedicated to enhancing your sex life discreetly and sensually. Explore a world of intimate delights curated just for you.

Why we offer Actively Trying - A Lubricant That Doesn't Interfere With Pregnancy:
Unlock the journey to conception with JO® Actively Trying, a meticulously designed lubricant tailored for those seeking to enhance their fertility journey. Crafted to mimic the pH levels of semen and fertile cervical mucus, this water-based lubricant creates an optimal environment for sperm, promoting their unimpeded travel towards conception.

Key Features:

  • Mimics the pH levels of semen and cervical mucus

  • Relieves vaginal dryness without impacting sperm health

  • Encourages and supports conception

  • Facilitates the unhindered movement of sperm towards their destination

Engineered to provide a natural and sensual feel, JO® Actively Trying ensures seamless integration with his and hers fluids, allowing sperm to navigate freely towards fertilization without any hindrance from conflicting elements. This meticulously formulated lubricant doesn't just encourage sperm to complete their vital journey, but also enhances the overall experience with its silky-smooth water-based texture.

Imbued with essential components like Arabinogalactan, Sodium Phosphate, Fructose, and Potassium Phosphate, this fertility-friendly lubricant offers an added layer of protection by shielding sperm from external disruptions. It carefully balances pH levels, ensuring a conducive environment for sperm health without compromising the body's natural immunity.

Designed for a seamless and natural approach to conception, JO® Actively Trying is free from harmful substances and crafted to alleviate vaginal dryness while nurturing a fertile environment. Empower your fertility journey and support the natural path to conception with JO® Actively Trying Fertility Friendly Water-Based Personal Lubricant.

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