Rejoyn Cock Rings - Set Of 2

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Facts about this sex toy
This set of penis rings will help you maintain your firmness and size. Rejoyn rings help you prevent the loss of an erection and facilitate sexual intimacy.
Features fo this sex toy
  • 2 constriction rings
  • Help you maintain an erection

Full Description of this sex toy
The Rejoyn Constriction Ring is for those who can
naturally achieve an erection but have difficulty maintaining. Men that can achieve only a partial erection find constriction rings help to improve the firmness of their erection.

The patented constriction ring is designed to be
placed around the base of the penis, gently providing pressure to help maintain an erection. These rings help maintain the firmness and duration of an erection. The effect lasts until the ring is removed.

Rejoyn is designed to facilitate sexual


  • Helps to prevent the loss of an
    erection when a person is unable to maintain it
  • Easy, safe and comfortable to
  • May promote firmer, longer lasting
  • The Rejoyn Constriction Ring is made
    of soft, medical grade silicone, a non-latex
  • Includes 2 reusable multi-size rings for a
    proper fit.

Note: If you are often or
always unable to achieve a sufficient erection for sexual
intercourse, consult your doctor promptly to avoid a potentially harmful delay in diagnosing the cause of your condition (impotence). Inability to achieve an erection may indicate underlying health problems and should be discussed with a physician.

Contents: 2 constriction rings, 1 loading cone, and a packet of lube.

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