8 Inch Realistic Dildo


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Facts about this sex toy
This Realistic Cock is molded directly from an erect penis. The dildo is hand made and painted to capture every vein, bulge, and crease of a real erect penis. It has a very authentic look and feel, and measures up as one of our largest dildos.

Features of this sex toy
  • A large, realistic dildo
  • Suction cup base for ease of use
  • 8" by 2"
  • Made of soft rubber

Full Description of this sex toy
The Doc Johnson Realistic Cock was molded directly from a penis, making it the most realistic dildo ever. This dildo is hand-detailed to capture every vein, bulge and crease of a real, erect penis. It measures in at eight inches long and is six and a half inches around, making it one of the largest dildos we carry.

The Realistic Cock is made of soft rubber with some bend, so it can hit all the right spots. It has a strong suction cup base for versatile play. The Realistic Cock comes with its own pouch for easy portability.

We recommend you use a water-based lubricant with this dildo. To ensure you receive long-term pleasure from the Realistic Cock, dust it with talcum powder after each use. Taking good care of your Realistic Cock will make it last much longer.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Wish I could give it

Wish I could give it 10 stars! This is a beautiful Cock! It\\'s firm & has a soft Skin that warms up. Wonderful big Head & veiny Shaft! The Balls are big & feel great when all the way in! Fantastic going in & out, you can feel everything and it\\'s not difficult to manage for solo play! It\\'s really the next best thing to a well endowed real one! I love it, now wish it came in a bigger size of 10in x 2.5! My pussy\\'s getting hungry again for it, gotta go!

I love the realistic cock.

I love the realistic cock. It is realistic, let me tell you. Maybe my boyfriends have just been big, but I don\'t think this is too much to handle it\'s just the right size. You can really feel every inch slip inside you, all the veins and everything. I love how firm it is. So happy I picked this one. You should too!


This really is gigantic. It’s definitely a special event dildo.


Wow! Huge!