SmartBalls - For Pleasure and Kegel Exercisers

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Facts about this sex toy
The Smart Balls get your pelvic muscles in great shape, leading to more feeling during sex and masturbation. These kegel exercisers are discreet and pleasurable to wear.
Features fo this sex toy
  • Smart Balls
  • Kegel exercisers
  • High quality

Full Description of this sex toy

Smart Balls are one of's favorite kegel exercisers. These kegel exercisers increase your vaginal tone, which can help for women who've had children, women who want to have stronger orgasms, and women who've experienced stress incontinence. Really, anyone can benefit from using the Smart Balls to exercise their PC muscles.

The Smart Balls are body-safe silicone balls with weighted balls inside them. After you insert the SmartBalls, you don't have to do much of anything to get a good pelvic floor workout. Your everyday movements, like riding the bus, dancing, walking and working out, will cause the weighted balls within the Smart Balls to move and shake. Moving with the SmartBalls inside you causes a pleasurable vibration that can really get you turned on and ready for more.

As you move, the Smart Balls will tone your PC muscles. You'll be working to keep them in, even though it doesn't feel like it. You can also wear the SmartBalls in situations where you don't move much, like sitting on the couch or at your desk. Simply clench your muscles around the SmartBalls to perform Kegel exercises. Kegels are much easier to perform when you have an object inside you to squeeze. Another way to use the balls is to pull on the silicone-coated retrieval cord, while squeezing your muscles to keep the SmartBalls inside you.

The Smart Balls are discreet and really work to tone your muscles. If you'd like more pleasure, stronger orgasms, or to be able to squeeze your muscles around your partner, try the SmartBalls. They also work great for incontinence issues and for women who've had children.

The Smart Balls are wonderful for pleasure as well. Just wearing them around is a kind of foreplay. Try oral sex or a clitoral vibrator while wearing them for a full feeling and intense orgasms.

The Smart Balls get your pelvic muscles in great shape, leading to more feeling during sex and masturbation. Use them with water-based lubricant. They can be cleaned with sex toy cleaner or soap and water.

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