The Saddle - Like The Sybian, But Better

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Facts about this sex toy
The Saddle is a lower-cost, higher-quality replacement for the Sybian. Unlike its predecessor, it features a comfortable faux-leather seat and a removable coiled remote control. Best of all, it is available for under $1000.
Features fo this sex toy
  • The Saddle
  • Our most powerful vibrator
  • Better quality and design than The Sybian
  • Only $999

Full Description of this sex toy
Years ago we sold a famous vibrator called the Sybian, which was so powerful that it consistently ranked as one of our most popular items despite its hefty price tag. We sold it because it was a big hit with customers, but we were never really fans of its construction, aesthetics, or price, so we eventually stopped carrying it. It’s been years now since we carried anything quite like the Sybian, but now we’re proud to announce that as far as insanely powerful rideable orgasm machines are concerned, we’re getting back in the saddle. Or should we say, back on The Saddle.

The Saddle is a stationary, outlet-powered riding vibrator that delivers some of the most powerful vibrations we have ever seen - even our Vibrator Institute’s highest rating of Unrelenting seems almost inadequate to describe its power. On the other hand, it is rather loud, so we recommend using it on a carpet rather than directly on a hardwood floor to minimize the noise if possible.

The Saddle includes a 6” by 1.4” dildo attachment which fits perfectly over its vibration transfer bar, so you can feel its seductive vibrations deep inside of you. This attachment also features rows of textured ridges on either side of its base to provide additional clitoral and/or anal stimulation. Most of the machine itself is padded with a layer of soft and supple faux leather, so your legs will be comfortable while you straddle and ride your way to orgasm after orgasm atop the machine.

The Saddle features a simple and intuitive remote control which attaches to the machine with a retractable coil, so you can hold it up or leave it sticking up from the base, whichever is most convenient for you. This remote lets you switch between two types of stimulation - vibration and pulsation - and five intensity levels for each mode. The Saddle can plug into any wall outlet thanks to its built-in transformer, which makes it compatible with power supplies ranging from 110-240 volts.

We like The Saddle a lot better than the Sybian because it’s made from higher quality parts, looks more aesthetically pleasing, and feels more comfortable thanks to its faux leather padding. But best of all, we like it because it costs about $400 less than the Sybian did.

$999 gets you:

  • The Saddle deluxe sex machine
  • Variable speed controller
  • Dildo attachment with textured stimulator ridges
  • Power cord with a built-in transformer
  • Screwdriver and screws for securing the vibration transfer bar

    The Saddle measures 13.8” long, 12.3” wide, and 7.6” high overall, excluding the dildo attachment. The machine and its components are made from faux leather and ABS plastic, and its dildo attachment is made from soft and smooth TPE. The dildo should be removed and cleaned with antibacterial sex toy cleaner or soap and warm water, and you should keep the machine itself away from water.

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