Doc Johnson's Natural Anal Lube - 6 oz.

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Facts about this sex toy
Doc Johnson's Anal Lube is a thick lubricant made especially for anal play or anal sex. This lubricant is petroleum based and is NOT condom safe.
Features of this sex toy
  • An oil-based anal lube
  • Will break down latex condoms

Full Description of this sex toy
This product is an effective lubricant that has been around since the late seventies.

We should note that while this product is effective and lasts for a long time without drying out, it is NOT condom safe. This is a petroleum based lubricant.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I was afraid to use

I was afraid to use a greasy lube like this, but it actually works so well. It\'s because it lasts and lasts, never gets sticky, and is thick enough to stay in place. I always use this one with my boyfriend now, we used to use KY and this is 100 times better

Whoa, toooooo greasy. This stuff

Whoa, toooooo greasy. This stuff is sloppy and absolutely stained my sheets. Not worth the hassle.

This is some greasy ass

This is some greasy ass shit. God, that just doesn\'t sound right when you\'re talking about anal lube. Anyway, it works. Very well.

I use this lube for

I use this lube for everything. Toys, sex, anal, masturbation. It\'s super slick and my bf always asks for it.

It\'s in a pump so

It\'s in a pump so no messing with caps when you need to re-lube. Been using this product for years, the new pump is even better!