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Facts about this sex toy
The Eroscillator is one of the best clitoral sex toys out there. We strongly recommend this sex toy to any women who has difficulty climaxing or who hasn't had an orgasm before.
Features of this sex toy
  • The Famous Eroscillator
  • Deluxe model with 5 attachments
  • Gentle yet powerful

A really powerful sex toy that isn't too loud
Full Description of this sex toy

"The Eroscillator is the best device ever made for stimulation of the labia and clitoris. It offers women exciting, immensely satisfying orgasms with little or no effort." – Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer

The Eroscillator Deluxe is one of our favorite sex toys here at The Eroscillator Deluxe provides oscillating stimulation, rather than the vibrating stimulation that most other sex toys provide. The oscillating motion gives stimulation that's strong, yet not numbing. The Eroscillator feels like a vibrator when you use it on your clitoris and labia, perhaps just with a more intense, deep, rumbling feeling.

We recommend the Eroscillator for any women who likes clitoral stimulation, and especially for women who haven't had an orgasm or have trouble having orgasms. The large range of power settings, oscillating motion, and multiple attachments make this versatile sex toy perfect for finding the right kind of stimulation for you. In a clinical study, 87% of anorgasmic women were able to experience their first orgasm with the Eroscillator, within three weeks.

The Swiss engineered Eroscillator is a plug-in sex toy with an extra-long cord. The Eroscillator Deluxe comes with five attachments, all of which provide different types of stimulation. These attachments can be used on your clitoris, labia, perineum, nipples, and even all over your body for relaxing massage. The Eroscillator Deluxe comes with a penetrative head as well, for experimenting with internal stimulation.

Contents: 1 Eroscillator, 1 12-foot plug in cord, 5 attachments, 1 detailed instruction manual and primer on self-pleasuring, 1 Dr. Ruth DVD.




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Love,love,love it!!!If you enjoy serious

Love,love,love it!!!If you enjoy serious cliteral stimulation this is the toy for you.