A Black Feather Tickler

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Full Description of this sex toy
About Libida.com: Discover the art of passion and discretion at Libida.com, where sex therapists founded a haven in 1999. Our carefully curated selection is designed to elevate your sex life while respecting your need for privacy.

Why we offer A Black Feather Tickler:
Elevate your sensual experiences to new heights with the OUCH Classic Feather Tickler by Shots Toys, a tantalizing addition to your intimate escapades. Crafted to enrich sensory explorations, this exquisite tickler amplifies sensations, especially when complemented with your preferred BDSM restraints.

Key Features:

  • Soft, full plume for sensual exploration

  • Designed to enhance sensory experiences

  • Perfect for introductory erotic play

  • Measures 11 inches (27 cm) for effortless reach

  • Easy grip handle for comfortable handling

The OUCH Feather Tickler is a classic tool that fuels the flames of passion, offering an exhilarating journey into the realm of sensual delights. Its plush and soft plume invites you to tease and tantalize, awakening every inch of your partner's body with heightened stimulation.

Sensation play, a captivating facet of light BDSM, aims to induce heightened arousal and gratification. This feather tickler serves as an impeccable tool to delve into this realm, allowing you to evoke titillating sensations across your lover's nipples, ribs, torso, legs, toes, and all the tantalizing erogenous zones in between.

With an ergonomic design featuring an 11-inch plume for effortless reach, this exquisite bedroom novelty embodies both elegance and functionality. The comfortable grip handle ensures easy maneuverability, enabling you to navigate and caress with finesse.

After a tantalizing session of sensory play, ensure to wipe down the handle using your preferred antibacterial toy cleaner. Allow it to air-dry thoroughly before storing, preserving this beautifully crafted Shots Toys feather tickler for countless stimulating encounters.

We value your privacy! Libida.com ensures that your personal items are shipped in a plain box, and your credit card is billed privately for discreet and confidential transactions.

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Based on 3 reviews
Note - Site Review: Prior to 2015 Libida's reviews were only done at the site level. This is a re...


Note - Prior to 2015 Libida's reviews were only done at the site level. This is one of those. It ...

I am incredibly pleased with how it arrived quickly and in a palin brown box

Note - Site Review: Prior to 2015 Libida's reviews were only done at the site level. This is one ...

I would like to see more inexpesive items. I don't know if I want to spend two hundred bucks on a sex toy.