A 4-Piece Kit of Toys for Prostate Play


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About Libida.com: Embark on a journey of passion and discovery with Libida.com, the destination where sex therapists founded a sanctuary for enhancing pleasure in 1999. Explore our curated selection designed to honor your intimacy and privacy.

Why we offer A 4-Piece Kit of Toys for Prostate Play:
Unveil the depths of pleasure in prostate play with the Zero Tolerance Intro To Prostate Kit, a comprehensive ensemble designed to guide you through an exhilarating journey of anal exploration and gratification. This four-piece set, coupled with Dr. Ava's Guide to Prostate Pleasure DVD, ensures a seamless transition from novice to adept, promising an immersive experience at every step.

Key Features:

  • Progressive 4-piece set for beginner to advanced prostate play

  • Luxurious satin-soft toys crafted from premium silicone

  • Toys include beads, bulbs, hands-free suction cups, and a stimulating cock ring

  • Employs erotic cock ring and prostate combination play for intensified sensations

  • Inclusive instructional DVD by Dr. Ava on Prostate Pleasure

  • Waterproof and submersible for aquatic adventures

Embark on a fulfilling journey through various levels of anal pleasure, starting with gentle bulbs and beads that tease and tantalize, adorned with hands-free suction cups for an immersive hands-free experience. Progress further into the realm of ecstasy with an erotic cock ring and prostate combination, heightening sensations with every move.

Crafted from premium silicone, each toy within this set epitomizes luxury and comfort, ensuring a silky-smooth encounter against your skin. Whether you're delving into prostate play for the first time or seeking advanced pleasures, these toys promise to accompany you every step of the way.

The comprehensive instructional DVD, curated by Dr. Ava, serves as your guide through the nuances of prostate pleasure, offering invaluable insights and techniques to enhance your experience.

Dive into aquatic adventures as all components of this kit are waterproof and submersible, opening doors to thrilling exploration in wet environments. Elevate your journey of self-discovery with the Zero Tolerance Intro To Prostate Kit, your ultimate companion in the realm of anal gratification and enlightenment.

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Based on 3 reviews
Note - Site Review: Prior to 2015 Libida's reviews were only done at the site level. This is a re...

For years I ignored an urge to try things from a sex shop but when I turned 50 and you can order this stuff online I figured why not. Great experience. You are never too old to try a new sensation.

Note - Prior to 2015 Libida's reviews were only done at the site level. This is one of those. It ...

I'm going to knock her socks off.

Note - Prior to 2015 Libida's reviews were only done at the site level. This is one of those. It ...

I was here for the erotica. I placed an order for something that looked nice. I was really surprised that it arrived quite quickly and was securely packaged. I will be back to order again.