What is a Rabbit Vibrator?

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Have you heard about rabbit vibrators? Our all-time bestselling vibrator at Libida.com is the Jack Rabbit. Read on to learn how rabbits were created, what they do, and how you can make your rabbit work for you.

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All about rabbit vibrators. A history and how-to guide on our bestselling rabbit vibrators.

What Is a Rabbit Vibrator?
Have you heard about rabbit vibrators? Rabbits are dual-action vibrators that provide clitoral, vaginal and G-spot stimulation, all at once. Rabbit vibrators have two parts: A shaft, and an attachment that is usually shaped like a bunny or other woodland creature. The attachment vibrates to provide strong clitoral stimulation. The base of the shaft is lined with pearls that dance and massage the vaginal walls, while the entire shaft undulates to hit the G-spot. Rabbits are made of soft jelly or silicone.

Rabbit vibrators are very popular and come in all shapes and sizes, from big to small, basic to high-tech, vibrating to pulsating. They can be waterproof and come in every color you can imagine.

The best rabbits are manufactured in Japan, as they make the most high-quality motors and use the best materials. Rabbits are shaped like bunnies because there is a law in Japan that dictates that no item be shaped like a penis. Rabbit vibrators slide through a loophole in their laws, simply by not being penis-shaped.

What Kind of Rabbit Should I Purchase?

Most rabbits are similar in look, but can be very different in terms of the strength of vibration they offer and the quality of the motor. Check out our Rabbit Vibrators page to see which one best suits your needs.

So you've chosen a rabbit vibrator. Find it a little intimidating? Get started with the tips below.

Explore your new toy. Take a look at the shape. Run your hands over it and get a feel for the texture. Wash your rabbit with mild antibacterial soap and warm water, being careful not to get the battery pack wet. Once your rabbit is completely dry, put batteries in it. Test the functions. How does the vibration feel on the back of your hand? What does the undulation look like? Having a basic understanding of how your new vibrator works will help you derive more pleasure from it while you're using it.

Get comfortable. Lie back and start fantasizing. Try using one function at a time on your vibrator. Try the vibration against your vulva and clitoris to see what levels you like best. Add lubrication and enjoy the slick sensations.

Keep going. When you're aroused, try inserting the shaft of the vibrator. Get comfortable with the size before you turn the rotation feature on. Once you turn it on, experiment with the controls until you find a setting you enjoy. Now try adding the clitoral vibration.

Ease in. With rabbit vibrators, it's important to ease into the experience. Rabbit vibrators pack a lot of stimulation into one package, and you want to make sure you're ready before you add another element of pleasure.

Interested in using your rabbit in a different way? Turn the bunny around, so the buzzing element is stimulating your perineum and anus. If you get really turned on by this, try slipping a condom over the bunny and inserting it for anal play. If you decide to switch back to clitoral stimulation, make sure to clean your toy with antibacterial soap to thwart infection.

When you've finished using your new toy, make sure to clean it properly and store it in a cool, dry place. If you're not going to use your toy very often, store the batteries separately so they don't corrode your vibrator's motor.

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