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Ben Wa and Duotone balls are two types of pleasure balls that are used for both sexual pleasure and vaginal/orgasm control. Libida teaches you the secrets of these products and the best techniques to use them to their fullest potential.

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Ben Wa and Duotone Balls

Ben Wa and Duotone Balls

She's Got Balls!

Pleasure balls are a piece of ancient wisdom.  

Ben Wa Kegel Exercise Balls and Lelo Luna Balls are two types of pleasure balls that are used for both sexual pleasure and vaginal/orgasm control.

Sexual balls have a rich history.  Originally a product of the orient, Ben Wa balls are two small, weighted metal balls. What makes these balls stand out from regular spheres is that they contain another (heavier) ball inside that moves around, changing the weight of the ball to create a unique sensation like a subtle vibration for sexual stimulation.

When a woman puts the balls inside the vagina and moves around or rocks the balls knock against each other to create a unique sensation or a subtle vibration, which can be sexually stimulating.  If she stands up gravity will pull the balls out. With some practice the surrounding muscles will hold the balls in the vagina, muscles developing stronger.

Inserted into the vagina the two balls click together with every movement of the hips or legs sending a teasing sensation through the pelvis. Apart from pure pleasure, these balls may have a second purpose that is even more noble. They can also be used to simply increase the strength of the pelvic floor muscles. Stronger pelvic muscles mean greater control of sensation during sex, easier orgasm and bladder control.

Duotone balls (like the Lelo Luna Balls) are larger than the Ben Wa balls and are made from plastic or silicone.  Like the Ben Wa balls they contain a smaller metal ball inside that rolls around with movement.  The two balls are connected with a nylon cord, which can intensify the sensation when you pull the cord.  A set of Duotone Balls are usually a pair of balls but can be a strand of up to four connected balls.  The sizes are usually about 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  We recommend Lelo Luna Kegel Exerciser Balls.

Duotone Balls have a more intense sensation than the Ben Wa balls because of their larger size and more intense vibration. Some Duotone balls have the added vibration with the use of batteries.  The cord is attached to a controller that lets you control the vibration mode.  These are sometimes referred to as Vibra Balls or Vibration Balls.

How to use vaginal balls:

Insert the balls into the vagina and go on about with your daily tasks.  It is even possible to keep them in during sex which creates a unique experience.  Be creative.