How to Have Simultaneous Orgasms

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When her pleasure and his pleasure come together. Toys to make one fabulous evening of pleasure for both, increasing intimacy with your partner.

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Tips for achieving simultaneous orgasm including:
  • His & Hers sex toys
  • Ways to make women orgasm more easily
  • Sensual products for increasing pleasure

  • Come Together - Simultaneous Orgasms

    Simultaneous Orgasm

    When her pleasure and his pleasure come together. Toys  to make one fabulous evening of pleasure for both, increasing intimacy with your partner.

    He is ready, she is not, they miss each other. The right sex toy can bring your pleasure and his closer together, without a whole lot of effort. Couples can experiment, tease each other and explore new heights of sexual satisfaction with the addition of a few fun toys that equal the playing field.

    His-n-Hers Sex Toys

    These sex toys are made especially for couples, providing pleasure for both partners with penis rings, couple's vibrators that give her clitoral stimulation with intercourse.

    • The Virtual Bunny is a wireless wonder that slides over his penis, giving him pleasurable pressure and vibrating your clitoris at the same time.
    • Stash his TV remote and replace it with the remote-controlled Luxury Vibrating Panties. These vibrating underwear are great for couples looking for a semi-public thrill, or who want to tease each other in private: He mans the controls; you relish the thrill of anticipation.
    • Our newest penis ring, the Lelo Bo, is a luxury vibrating penis ring. It's stretchy, rechargeable, and vibrates at thrilling speeds.

    Easier Orgasms

    Most women need extra clitoral stimulation to orgasm during intercourse. These unobtrusive toys do the work for you.

    • Slip the Fukuoku right over your fingertip, or have your partner hold it for you. It takes finger stimulation to a whole new level.
    • For hands-free pleasure during sex, step into the Micro Butterfly, position the vibrating butterfly over your clit, and slide the strap to the side.

    Beyond Sex 101

    Sex can be so much more than penetration. These sex toys help add creative new tricks to expand your erotic repertoire.

    • Spend the evening giving -- and receiving -- a relaxing massage. Indulge all of your senses with sensuous Lelo Massage Oil.
    • Try new roles in the bedroom with Bling Bling Teasing Couples; Kit. This luxury kit includes handcuffs, tickling feather, and tasty body dust.