Do Male Desensitizers Work?

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Male Desensitizers claim to desensitize the penis, making him less likely to ejaculate prematurely. Do these products actually work? Read on to find out.

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An explanation of how men's desensitizers work. Desensitizing creams numb the penis, making him less likely to ejaculate prematurely.

Do Male Desensitizers Really Work?
Desensitizers are men's products that help delay ejaculation by numbing the penis. These products typically come in a spray, cream or lubricant form and are applied topically to the head and shaft of the penis, approximately 10 minutes before intercourse. The purpose of this product is to numb the penis so he can last longer and provide her with more pleasure.

Desensitizing products generally contain lidocaine or benzocaine. These agents really will numb the penis. Most of these items are sold as novelties, meaning they don't make any claims based on studies or research. However, ManDelay is FDA approved. We think ManDelay is a good first-time choice. The other desensitizing products we carry are very popular and have many repeat customers. We keep them in stock because of demand (and because we're guessing they work, if they're so popular).

We think desensitizing lubricants are worth trying if premature ejaculation is a problem in your relationship. They're only a temporary solution, however. Premature ejaculation could also be a symptom of an underlying medical condition. Make sure you see your doctor if you have repeated problems. Your doctor can suggest other treatments or medications.

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