Electrical Current and Arousal

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We use electrical currents to stimulate our muscles -- to get thin or build muscles strength. On the flip side we use vibrators to get pleasure. Why not mix the two?

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One of Libida's experts tries and reviews a popular ElectroStim sex toy, the Electrogasm.

Using Electrical Current to Get Aroused

Jolts of Pleasure: Electrical Stimulation

(ElectroSex) Sex Toys

We use electrical currents to stimulate our muscles -- to get thin or build muscles strength. On the flip side we use vibrators to get pleasure.

Why not mix the two? It makes good sense, since electricity is 'controlled energy'. Focus that energy in one place, and at the level you like, and it might just make for a blissful connection.  That is my thinking, in any case.

My mission this week?  I would like to discover the how’s and why’s of ElectroStim (Electrical Stimulation) for sex.

To tell you the truth the thought is ever-so-slightly scary. But I have done my research and I am comforted by just how many of these things are on the market. They MUST be safe, in that case. 

I start out with Zeus, the sex toy manufacturer that specializes in electrostim products.
They kindly sent me a sample of one of their most popular products to start with: Electrogasm.

A second company has no stand-alone devices, but the toys they do have are deliciously sexy -- by Mystim, a German Company.

"People have discovered that electrical impulses can stimulate almost any area of the body by awakening nerve endings, thus making them more sensitive and orgasmic when they later engage in love-making."

My Experience with the ElectroStim Sex Toy: “Electrogasm”

Electrogasm E-stim sex toy.

My first impression is that it is completely friendly to look at, like a butterfly.  I was happy for the short, but informative instruction manual.  Inside, I was made privy to the precautions and warnings.  As it turns out, these warnings alleviated my fears.  Don't use if you have severe health problems, are pregnant, or on broken skin.  These cautions seemed to be less of a concern than the average vibrator, actually.

I moved on to the introduction, which summed up the values and uses of the e-stim. 

"Unlike the electric current that most people are familiar with, the current from our toys is unique, in that it stimulates the nerves, creating what can be very pleasant sensations. Not only can this be incredibly arousing but many users have been able to achieve hands-free orgasms."

It also claims to "helps blood circulation flow to your most intimate parts."
Now, that sounds like something I would like.

 The butterfly wings are covered by a thin strip of plastic, protecting the somewhat 'sticky' surface so that it can cling to the skin.  The instructions are:

1. Ensure a connection (snapping the wings to the controller)
2. Remove the plastic.
3. Apply to the desired area.
4. Power on the unit.

 Simple!  I slapped it on my leg first to test it out.  Ready, get set, go.

It was not at all what I expected.  I had been prepared to be jolted, like getting a shock after skirting along carpeted floors with socks on.

NOT AT ALL! The sensation was a pleasant sort of 'hum' on my skin. In fact, I barely felt it when it was on the first level. I had to bring it up to level two to really know that it was working.  On level 2, it felt like someone was lightly stroking my arm. On level 3 all I could say was "cool". This was an amazing feeling. Level 4 was more intensity than I cared for, however.  Immediately, I came down to level 3 again and stayed there. Warm and tingly. Delicious.

I was more than ready to move to my more intimate parts. I chose my outer labia as a way to get a general, yet definitely sexual, experience.

What an amazing feeling! Now I was curious to experience the other modes.

  • Mode 1: Tapping
  • Mode 2: Rhythmical Kneading
  • Mode 3: Deep Kneading
  • Mode 4: Pressing
  • Mode 5: Deep Pressing
  • Mode 6: Continuous Pressing 

I never did try anything over a level 4 (and there are 10 levels!).

While this sensation might not be for everyone, I experienced it as a warm, sensual and deeply intimate feeling that ended up in a delicious clitoral, building type of orgasm. 

I have been testing sex toys for a long time, but this was the first time since The Cone that I have found something truly unique. Wow!

I can honestly say that I have never experienced any other sex toy to deliver such a sensually unique sensation.  I am no longer scared. It is sensual and intimate and ... I am hooked.  

The sensation lasted longer than the normal vibrator sensation.  It was almost as if the skin was sensitized in a way that doesn't happen with a normal vibrator.  The only way I can describe it is as if it has been 'enlivened'. That sensation lasted for almost an hour after orgasm.