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A couple watches a movie on a Saturday night. Bored with the movie, she distracts him, asking for a little attention. He agrees, but only if she explicitly states her every desire. Stumbling over her words at first, she soon learns that every wish is granted when she says it out loud.

hot facts

“Shiiit,”he let out another stream of curses, “damn it’s so fucking wet and tight, it feels so good.” She felt her legs begin to shake and she knew she was close to orgasm; nothing turned her on more than when he told her how good she felt to him, how much he enjoyed her. Her head jerked back and she came, moaning and shaking, reaching out to pull him close, wanting to feel his lips on hers.

She inched closer to his side, and as if by second nature he readjusted his arm, letting her slip beside him to rest her head on his chest. She couldn’t see the movie from her new position, but at the moment she preferred the mountain of covers and his warm body to the boxing-themed drama he’d chosen. She idly traced a pattern on his bare chest, imagining she felt goose bumps rising, and creating designs wherever her fingers touched. He fidgeted slightly and she felt him briefly look down at the top of her head. She casually grazed his nipple as she traced the patterns in a wider arc; he continued watching the movie, with what she suspected was overly exaggerated attention. She had been rather indifferent to his body when they’d first met because she hadn’t thought he’d keep her attention long enough for her to want to sleep with him. He was completely the opposite of anyone she’d ever been in a relationship with. He was laid back where she desired assertiveness, full of good-natured humor when she wanted seriousness, brutally honest in moments that called more for tact and diplomacy, and to top it all off, he had been entirely too skinny for her liking. Her good old-fashioned female sensibility desired tall and husky, and height had been the only thing going for him. She was yet to let go of the fact that he’d looked like a string bean in high school, thankfully his muscles had filled out, although he was still undeniably skinny.

But she had grown to love everything about him, from his skinny body to his unfailing sense of humor. She absentmindedly kissed his chest as she mused over how she’d fallen in love with him. He responded by twining his fingers in her hair, his attention never wavering from the movie. She heard the sound effects of someone being punched, and his chest moved under her head as he exhaled an impressed breath. She supposed it must’ve been a good hit. Glancing up at him and seeing he was completely absorbed in what she felt was a rather waste-of-time movie, she gently kissed his chest and circled her tongue around his nipple. His hand froze in her hair, but he continued watching the movie. She let her hand slide down past his chest to toy with the top of his basketball shorts and felt his chest rise and fall more rapidly.

Slowly, she slid her hand into his shorts, to stroke his rapidly hardening erection through his boxers. For a moment he continued to watch the movie, until finally, with a long suffering sigh and much rummaging under the covers he found the remote and paused it. She gave herself a silent congratulation for having garnered his attention and saved herself from another forty-five minutes of boredom.

“You couldn’t have waited?” he asked. She knew he was trying to sound exasperated, but his amusement was obvious and it wasn’t like him to not see the humor in such a situation. She gazed up at him with round doleful eyes and replied.

“No”, as innocently and contritely as she knew how; he rolled his eyes.

“Come here,” he said gruffly, pulling her upwards for a kiss. “What do you want from me?” she pretended to pout.

“I just wanted a little attention,” she told him in her most indignant and wounded voice, “And maybe sex too?” she added hopefully. He laughed.

“Well, tell me exactly what you want.”

“…Sex,” she said again, feeling as if she’d stated the obvious. She looked up at him, confused, and was slightly perturbed to see the huge shit-eating grin forming on his face.

“I know you want sex, but how do you want the sex, what do you want me to do to you? Tell me.” She scowled, realizing he was going to make this difficult for her.

“I obviously want you to stick it in me…that’s the definition of sex,” she replied, getting frustrated. His grin got even bigger, he loved annoying her and making her uncomfortable in equal measure.

“Not good enough,” he told her, “as the matter of fact, since you interrupted my movie because you needed some attention, now is as good a day as any for this.” She squirmed uncomfortably, suddenly unsure if she wanted so much attention from him.

“We are going to teach you how to talk dirty today,” he announced triumphantly. She shook her head vehemently but he continued on unperturbed. “You’re either going to say what you want me to do, or not get it, completely your choice.” She gave him her most incendiary scowl.

Her unwillingness to verbalize what she wanted him to do to her had long been a point of contention between them. While she wasn’t shy about sex, there was something about sex talk that embarrassed her and turned her on at the same time. In fact, the first time they’d had sex she had been completely floored by the stream of dirty talk that had issued from his mouth. Of course she’d had the best orgasm of her life, and she’d been so wet he’d actually had to change the sheets, but that had been beside the point. The point was, she hadn’t expected it from him at all. The mild mannered, goofball had completely disappeared in the bedroom, and she had been addicted to sex with him ever since. She was a moaner and an occasional curser, but her willingness to talk dirty extended only so far as responses to the questions he asked her.

Did she like it? Was it his? Did she love him? Yes, was an easy, uncomplicated, and true response. This new line of talk he expected from her was intimidating to say the least.

They looked at each other, locked in a standoff, until finally, wearily she broke.

“Ok, I’ll try it.” She didn’t have much of a choice after all; she wanted sex, and she knew he had a stubborn streak a mile wide; he’d sit there and refuse her all night until she did exactly what he said. He smiled victoriously, and then clearly feeling generous, pulled her back towards him and gently kissed her. “I’ll help you start,” he whispered softly against the outer shell of her ear. He trailed kisses down her neck and held her around the waist caressing her curves and squeezing her ass. She moved closer to him, sliding her body against him, wanting him to touch her. He didn’t respond, but only continued to kiss her slowly, moving his hands to graze her breasts. She tried to move his hand downwards but he wouldn’t allow her, instead, stopping his kisses and gentle touches.

“Remember, I won’t do more than this unless you tell me to," he reminded, she sighed, and began nervously.

“I want you to take my clothes off and…umm, put your mouth here.” She pointed to her breasts. The side of his mouth twitched and she could tell he was trying not to laugh, she scowled at him, and he tried and failed to hide his amusement.

“You want me to suck on your titties?” she nodded her agreement. “Ok,” he said easily, “as soon as you tell me to I will.”

“I just told you to!” she cried indignantly

“No you didn’t,” he responded, “put your mouth here is not saying suck on my titties.”

“Fine!” she growled, he looked at her expectantly.

“I want you to??” he prompted.

“Suck on my titties,” she muttered, averting her eyes.

“That was pathetic, but it’s your first try so I’ll let it slide,” he said, stripping off her shirt and gently caressing her breasts before lowering his mouth to gently suckle one of her nipples. She sighed in contentment under his ministrations. He rubbed her other nipple, rolling it between his fingers and she tried again to move one of his hands between her legs. He released her nipple with a wet smack.

“You have to tell me if you want me to do anything else.” She nibbled her bottom lip, trying to think how best to tell him what to do.

“Umm, I guess, I would like if you uh, touched between my legs?” she trailed off uncertain; he didn’t even bother pretending not to laugh.

“Babe,” he said comfortingly, “it’s just me, what’re you nervous about? Just say what you want. You want me to rub on your pussy right?” she nodded mutely and he kissed her gently.

“Say it,” he commanded. She cleared her throat nervously and looked at some point beyond his head. He of course, wouldn’t let her.

“Look me in the eye when you say it, don’t be shy, do you know how sexy you are to me?” She met his eyes reluctantly.

“I want you to rub it?” her statement somehow came out sounding more like a question. His hand crept downward and paused, hovering around her navel and jumping past where she wanted him to rub her inner thighs instead. “Say it like you mean it, don’t sound like you’re not sure…And 'it' doesn’t tell me shit, tell me you want me to touch your pussy." She liked this commanding, uncompromising, side of him, and she felt herself becoming even more aroused, she felt like she would implode if he didn’t touch her soon.

“Touch my pussy.” Her voice sounded pleading and breathy, and she saw him grin before he pulled down her shorts, which she hastily kicked off her legs. Then his hand was delving between her legs, gently rubbing her clit and making her rock against his hand. His other hand tweaked her nipple and he kissed her, roughly nibbling her bottom lip. She was moaning in his ear, wanting his fingers inside her.

“Put them inside me,” she moaned against the side of his face.

“Put what inside what?” he demanded, “say it, say what you want.”

“Put your fingers in my…” she paused slightly, still getting used to the word.

“Pussy”, she finished, her desire overriding her nervousness. His breath caught and he groaned kissing her harder and pressing her against his hardness.

“You want me to fuck your pussy with my fingers?” he muttered, she moaned her agreement and two of his fingers slid wetly inside her.

“You’re so damn wet already,” his fingers worked in and out of her, and all she could do was moan in response. “I bet it tastes so good,” he whispered, nibbling his way down her neck. “Does it taste good?” he asked.

“Mmm, yess,” she moaned. “I want you to taste it,” she told him, another warm rush of wetness dripping down her legs.

“Taste what?” he said, his fingers were still stroking her, bringing her closer to orgasm.

“My pussy,” she moaned, “Lick my pussy.” She stumbled a little, still feeling slightly self-conscious, but he instantly shifted positions to move down her body and part her legs. He looked up at her and grinned, before lowering his head to lick her clit one long, slow, time. Her whole body jerked upwards and he locked his arms around her midsection to keep her in place. He looked expectantly at her from between her legs.

“What are…” she trailed off, realizing he was waiting for further instructions. “Eat it,” she told him, the last bit of her shyness evaporating in a haze of arousal and desperation to cum. “Eat my pussy”. She pushed the back of his head down between her legs and moaned in pleasure when she felt his warm breath float across her wet lips; she arched her hips up to meet his mouth. “Ooh like that,” she murmured; he quickly flicked his tongue across her clit, she could hear him moan as he pulled her closer to his mouth. He secured her hand back on the top of his head while her hips moved in rhythm against his face. He moved his mouth on her in a way that made her bite her bottom lip so hard she thought it would go numb. Her toes curled and her thighs locked around his head, then her whole body stiffened as she came so hard her legs shook, but still, he didn’t stop. His tongue continued to lick patterns through her orgasm; and then he made her have another and another after that one, all the while pausing to tell her how good she tasted and how he was going to fuck her until she screamed. All she could do was writhe helplessly and shake as each orgasm came. Then finally, he moved back up her body, kissing her mouth and telling her to taste herself.

“Tell me what you want next,” he commanded, his erection rubbing against her stomach.

“Fuck me,” she told him, already pulling down his boxers and spreading her legs. He rubbed his hardness against her, sliding ever so slightly into her, only to pull out and teasingly rub against her, making her even wetter.

“Tell me how bad you want it,” he commanded.

“I want it bad,” she was grinding against him, trying to lock her legs around his waist. She reached down to guide him inside her, but he only pushed her hand away.

“How bad?” he demanded again, “tell me how bad you want this dick. Tell me you need this dick.”

“Please, please fuck me,” she said breathlessly. “I need it, I need your dick,”she repeated, wanting to feel him in her so bad. Finally, he slid in slowly, inch by inch, teasing her; she moaned as she felt her muscles tighten around him.

“Ooh fuck,” he muttered in her ear. “Damn, that pussy feels good”. Slowly he stroked in and out of her, and she wrapped her legs around him, loving the feeling of his warm, lean, body, pressing its weight down on her. He moaned in her ear, sliding deeper into her, she closed her eyes loving every moment of being with him.

“Harder,” she told him, wanting to feel more of him. He instantly began stroking deeper, making her moan louder.

“Put your hand around my neck,” she pleaded. There were times he did this, but she’d always been too shy to tell him it aroused her. He didn’t even pause. Grabbing her around the neck, he applied light pressure, and watched her face change as he fucked her.

“You like that?” he asked, his breathing heavy.

“Mmm yes,” she replied, playing with her nipples and watching him watch her breasts bounce.

“Play with your clit for me,” he said, his grip around her neck tightening.

“Shiiit,”he let out another stream of curses, “damn it’s so fucking wet and tight, it feels so good.” She felt her legs begin to shake and she knew she was close to orgasm; nothing turned her on more than when he told her how good she felt to him, how much he enjoyed her. Her head jerked back and she came, moaning and shaking, reaching out to pull him close, wanting to feel his lips on hers. But he wasn’t finished; he kissed her, barely giving her time to recover from her first wave of orgasm before he said;

“Mmm, turn over and raise that perfect ass in the air for me.” Wordlessly she did as she was told, arching her back just the way he liked. He let out an appreciative groan at the view of her trim waist and round ass, and then she felt his tongue delve into her from behind. She rocked back on her hands and knees, letting him explore her. One of his hands gently caressed her ass and she leaked with arousal.

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard,” he told her, rising and licking her wetness from his lips. He gave her ass a sharp smack that made her bite her lip in pleasure, and grabbing her by both hips slowly sank into her waiting wetness.

“Ooh, you feel so good,”she moaned, rocking back onto him.

“You like that?” he responded, delivering another sharp smack to her ass.

“Ooh, bounce that perfect little ass on this dick,” he muttered, watching her slowly grind up and down. Obediently she sped up, meeting each of his strokes and crying out with pleasure. She could tell he would cum soon, his groans were louder and he gripped her hips so tightly she knew she would be bruised the next day.

“Fuuckk,” he muttered, “it’s so fucking good, so tight.” He thrust into her harder and she moaned louder, feeling his balls smacking wetly against the wet fold of her pussy.

“Oooh shit, you like that don’t you? You like feeling that dick deep in that pussy, don’t you?” He was grabbing handfuls of her hair, thrusting hard and fast, smacking her ass. Her muscles tightened at the feel of his hands handling her so roughly, just the way she liked.

“Ahhhh,” she screamed as she came again, her whole body stiffening, her hands desperately gripping at the sheets.

“Ooh you’re gonna make me cum,” he told her, his thrusts becoming erratic as he felt her muscles spasming around him.

“Fuck, yeah, ooh I’m about to cum,” he said, thrusting into her uncontrollably. She heard his moans and grunts and felt the warmth of his seed shooting deep inside her. He let out a deep contented breath as his strokes slowed and he softly caressed her hips before sliding out of her. She curled up contentedly next to him the mini tremors of orgasm still racing through her body.

“Damn,” was all he managed as he pulled her onto his chest. She smiled coyly up at him.

“See, wasn’t that better than a movie?” He kissed her and laughed.


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