Erotica - Full Body

executive summary
Expecting a relaxing massage, Sarah is surprised to find that it will be preformed by a group of stunningly handsome men. For phase two, she is pleasured by group of 12 men who massage, suck, tease, rub and stroke her. They bring her to orgasm after explosive orgasm.

hot facts

Instead of just the hands I expected, I found my skin being touched by tongues, lips, teeth and warm breath; gentle nips and licks played across my flesh. My legs were spread and someone began to softly kiss between my legs; starting at my ankles, then ever so slowly inching up to my thighs. I made the connection now regarding the position of the third gentleman at my feet.

Full Body
"Is this your first time here?" The attendant made small talk as she lead me to the dressing rooms.

"Yes. I had a good friend of mine tell me about the island. I had never been to Hawaii before. It was the concierge at the hotel though who told me about this place. I'm glad she did, this has been great. Very relaxing," I lied. I wasn't very relaxed at all. I sighed as quietly as I could, but the attendant heard me. She stopped and turned a friendly eye.

"That sigh sounded a bit heavy for someone so 'relaxed'."

There is something about women that prompts them to respond to the smallest perceived level of kindness. The attendant probably couldn't have cared any less about what may have caused me to sigh. The comment and inquisitively raised eyebrow were more related to excellent customer service skills and salesmanship than anything. Years in the business had taught her how to find the tiniest opportunity to up-sell and exploit to the tune of hundreds of dollars in extra services the customer really didn't need. Despite my usual consumer savvy though, I fell for it anyway and shared my contemplation.

"I've only been here for two days and," as I sighed again, louder this time, "I just wish I wasn't by myself." I stopped there in order to maintain some shred of dignity and avoid the inevitable sales pitch on what would help uplift my mood. I fought not to think about RJ and how much I missed him; how our bodies fit so well together or the nasty, sexy, freaky, naughty things he used to say and do to me. I didn't want to think about how we could barely be in each other's company without some kind of sexual adventure taking place. I sighed again.

"That sounds to me like a broken heart. Was there a break up?"

"No, nothing as obvious as that. More like a drifting away."

"Well, no matter. I know exactly what you need."

Just as I suspected, the sales pitch. "Our Full Body service will not only relax you, but you'll spend a glorious few hours not thinking about whoever it is, that put the sigh in your heart. As I look here at your service request, we can fit it in for this afternoon and finish up with your manicure / pedicure combo."

"How much?" My budget was pretty tight when it had come to this vacation. I chose the all-inclusive resort to make sure I was able to maximize my vacation dollars. The spa and all its offerings came at quite the premium. At the last minute, an unexpected directly deposited royalty check afforded me a celebratory round of pampering.

"Actually, there won't be any extra charge. While you're in the dressing room, I'll redo the service sheet and you'll be all set. I'll be back to get you in just a moment."

The room was cavernous compared to the other massage rooms I had seen as we came along the corridor. Shut off from the hallway by two ornate, wooden doors; it was as if we had stepped into another building altogether.

There were several sets of chains hanging from the ceiling of different lengths and spaced in a linear pattern. A panoramic window took up one wall, open to a view of the ocean with mosquito netting blocking all but the breeze and the sound of the waves. The walls were a soothing palm frond green with cream accented trim. There were stools of varying heights placed along the wall. My curiosity peaked but didn't stop me from following the attendant all the way into the room.

"I know it looks a bit unusual," the attendant said, "but once we get you situated you'll be fine." She opened the doors to a large armoire, which mirrored the look of the doors we had just entered. Inside it were towels, lotions, potions, candles and other items I couldn't identify but I'm sure had something to do with the massages given in this huge space.

She pulled a large bundle of what turned out to be terry cloth strips about 3 inches wide, from the bottom shelf. She walked them over to the chains and set them on a small table. She returned to the cabinet and removed an assortment of small pillows. My curiosity jumped a notch. She set those next to the straps on the table.

Her last trip to the cabinet produced the sounds of soothing music through the hidden speakers placed throughout the room. Instantly, the music mixed with the sounds of the ocean and I found my shoulders relaxing just a bit.

She motioned for me to stand next to her. "Okay, this may be a bit uncomfortable at first. I need to assemble the hammock so it holds you just so. If you'll stand between these chains here. Great. Now just hold still a moment. I'll work around you to get the seat in place."

The longer pair of chains stopped at the middle of my back. She fastened the widest of the straps to each of the chains creating a swing like seat.

"Now, sit down. How's that? Is it wide enough? Okay. I need for you to slide up just a bit so the strap sits right below your buttocks, just at the top of your thighs. I'm going to be right behind you so no need to be afraid of falling."

I did as I was told, holding onto the chains, mimicking a schoolgirl sitting on a playground swing, about to attempt some feat of childhood acrobatics. The attendant helped hold me in place with her leg acting as a stabilizer supporting my back. I could hear and feel her as she worked to affix more of the straps to the chains.

"Okay, now I need for you to lie back so I can adjust your back, neck and head supports." Again, I did as I was told and found more of the plush straps prepared to hold me across my shoulders, my neck, and finishing up with a pillow and strap supporting my head. The chains were spaced wide enough so that the straps didn't hug so much as provide a soft, supportive shelf designed to cradle my body gently above the floor.

"Okay, just a few more straps and we'll have your legs in perfect position."

Each leg was supported by its own set of chains, straps and carefully placed pillows to maximize comfort. It was the strangest position I had ever been in, but certainly not the most uncomfortable. The feeling of floating was relaxing in and of itself. But as I reclined, I couldn't help but wonder what kind of massage I was about to experience. How was the masseuse going to reach my more tense areas of muscle?

After an expert check of the clips and chains all around, the attendant helped me remove my robe. I reclined against the terry cloth straps completely naked. The attendant draped my body with a warm, silken sheet.

Fortunately, the room was the perfect temperature and the straps made of the softest cloth I had ever felt.

"Now, before I go, would you like some scented candles lit? We have vanilla, gardenia, rose, honeysuckle, melon, and spice." I asked for the vanilla and spice and before I heard her leave, the soft scent of the candles was delicately wafting through the room.

I closed my eyes. The feeling of being suspended in the air added to the relaxing ambience of the room. Tension continued to ease from my body as I gave in to the sensations; the sound of the surf kissing the beach outside, the caress of the silk covering where it rubbed against my skin, the scent of the candles all combined to lull me into a light doze.

I heard the doors open once again, marking the entrance of my massage therapist. I could hear the stools being moved and placed in positions surrounding my body. I didn't open my eyes as I trusted nothing was amiss. The massage began. Strong hands grasped my left foot and with practiced, skilled moves, my instep and toes were rubbed and pressed and given expert attention.

Pressure points were triggered and the muscles gave up their fight to stay knotted and clenched. When the second set of hands began to massage my right foot, it took a moment for my brain to register. I opened my eyes with a start to find not one, not even two, but ten men in the room with me.

Skin tones ranging from sun-kissed bronze to deep chocolate adorned the bodies. Their looks varied from that of the "boy next door" to seductively masculine. Each one sat on a stool at different points along my body. I surmised that each part of me that could be reached between the chains and straps was to get its own personal massage.

Within seconds, each foot, leg, hand, arm and shoulder was being rubbed and caressed. A feeling I couldn't fathom before this moment as my brain struggled to meld the pleasure being generated at each point into one. But, because each set of strong hand produced its own individualized amount of pressure and tension, my mind stopped trying and instead left me dazed as it raced to embrace and respond to each. I was overcome, reduced to nothing more than a sigh carried on the wind.

I don't know specifically how long the massage lasted. I opened my eyes though as the last pair of hands stopped its ministrations on my scalp. The blood flowed easily through my veins, my heart at its slowest, most relaxed rhythm. The sun was low on the horizon and every muscle in my body felt loose. There wasn't an ounce of tension left.

"Would you care for a drink as we prepare for the next phase?" I barely had the strength to mumble a reply.

"I thought we were done. A drink would be lovely, though."

"I'll be right back."

The silk covering was removed and I was rubbed with a light, but silky-feeling oil and left to myself as the men went about arranging the room for Phase Two. The chains were adjusted so I was a bit higher from the ground and not quite reclining but still in a relaxed pose. I noticed two more men had joined my troop.

I couldn't imagine what Phase Two involved, but as the drink combined with the already relaxed atmosphere, I discovered I didn't care.

The men resumed their original positions around my body with the exception of the two additions. One sat on a stool between the two men at my feet and the other at the top of the group, just to the left behind my head. I settled back into the straps and once again closed my eyes.

Instead of just the hands I expected, I found my skin being touched by tongues, lips, teeth and warm breath; gentle nips and licks played across my flesh. My legs were spread and someone began to softly kiss between my legs; starting at my ankles, then ever so slowly inching up to my thighs. I made the connection now regarding the position of the third gentleman at my feet.

My arousal, which usually creeps into being, leapt to life. Had it not been for the ultimate relaxing of my body and mind from the massage, I'm sure I would have demanded the event come to a halt. My moral code would have rebelled at being so intimately fondled by just one of them, let alone a room full. My morals didn't stand a chance against the pleasurable onslaught of feeling though, as each tongue, hand, kiss, and bite was placed with individual timing.

If pleasure is pain, I would have needed the world's largest dose of morphine to survive. Instead, I became the shore being pounded by the weight of each wave of sensation as it hit then rolled slowly back into itself.

Excitement grew in intensity, building toward tidal wave proportions. When the first butterfly brushes of breath, saliva and fingers reached the very moist junction between my thighs, I exploded in the most powerful orgasm I had experienced to date. That was just the beginning as no sooner than I reached the peak of it, another was beating at the base of my spine.

The energy fed from the first orgasm as the contact in my most intimate area increased. Tongue and fingers combined to stroke me ever further up and up, bringing my juices forward in a slippery flood.

That sensation in and of itself would have guaranteed my release, but apparently, my complete undoing was the goal of this activity.

My breasts, which during the massage were ignored, garnered much attention as they were caressed simultaneously with individual pairs of hands. Nipples sucked or nibbled at unpredictable intervals. There was no direct connection between any one set of hands and the orgasms now running through me like an electrical current.

The man at my head had been kissing my lips, and uttering those dirty, filthy, hot words I responded to. He reached into my mind and pulled the perfect phrases from my memories of RJ.

"Is it good? Don't you love the way your nipples feel when he bites them like that? I can tell how hot and ready you are. You want to be fucked, don't you? Hmmm, for a man, to feel the slick walls around his shaft is heaven. You have to tell me you want it though."

"Oh please….yes, yessss, I want it so bad.”

I surprised myself. It had been so long since I’d had the chance to voice my need. And almost instantly my scream turned to passion as another orgasm tore through me. I felt the cool sensation of lubricant being added to the flood of natural juices flowing from my body, the snap of the condom was surprising but thankfully loud. I relaxed completely to the sensations as the pressure of a dick sliding between my thighs, working its way excruciatingly slow into my body blotted out what little conscious thought I had.

I became light and air, free floating as I was gloriously and thoroughly pushed and pulled against the intrusion of a penis. I was held captive by the other hands and mouths; unable to move the way I wanted. Fingers continued to play with my clit, my tender back opening, and thighs.

I was touched seemingly by thousands. I could hear moans and sighs from what sounded like an auditorium full of men, all having their way with me. A lubed finger found its way into my rear passage and I was once again the victim of a tsunami sized climax. My scream of absolute ecstasy must surely have been heard all over the island.

I gripped the chains hard enough to leave deep indentations in my hands as the tremors rolled through me. The ass fucking was perfect as up to two fingers slid slowly in and out of my tender opening. Each thrust matched by a counter movement of the thick shaft inside my pussy.

Double penetration was a first for me. I relished it and called out to be impaled harder.

The fucking hit a staccato movement all its own, dipping in and out of my body in a frenzy of hip thrusts and simple flicks of the wrist. I allowed them to go as deeply as they could past my sucking lips and the restricted yet strong hip strokes of my own. All the while, the other ten never stopped touching, licking, biting, fondling and teasing.

I knew I was at the end of my endurance. My body reached for that final orgasm as I felt my mind slipping away. The waves before had been insignificant compared to this final building torrent. It reached ever higher, blotting out all other sensation. My mouth fell open in a lasting silent scream as it finally crashed down. It slammed my body into a seizure that was sure to negate the previous results of the initial massage. Stars exploded in the darkness behind my eyelids. I slipped serenely into its comforting embrace.

I was gently awakened by the ever attentive spa attendant. She was holding a refreshingly hydrating fruit drink up to my lips for me to sip. The smile on my face and the still, surprisingly relaxed, feeling in my muscles were the only indication that I had been pleasured so completely.

"Take your time getting up. Some of our clients find it difficult to stand."

With her steadying hand and support, I was removed from the cradle of the straps. I discovered that while I was weak, my legs worked fine and I was able to slowly make my way out of the room.

All was as it had been upon my arrival except for the straps still hanging here and there from the chains.


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