How to Find the G-Spot

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If you are interested in finding your G-spot and experiencing G-spot orgasms, read this guide. You'll find excellent tips on how to locate and stimulate your G-spot.

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A how to guide about G-spot stimulation, how to have a G-spot orgasm, and how to female ejaculate.

What Is the G-Spot and How Do I Find It?
The G-spot was named for the German physician Ernst Grafenberg who first brought attention to "an erotic zone located on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra that would swell during sexual stimulation." The G-spot is quite elusive: For quite a while, scientists believed some women didn't have G-spots. It is now accepted that all women have G-spots, but that G-spots respond to touch in different ways.

The G-spot (actually the urethral sponge) is located one to two inches into the vagina, on the anterior wall (the front wall). This raised, fleshy bump is noticeably less smooth than the rest of your vagina. It is thought that stimulating the G-spot may be an indirect way to stimulate the internal portion of your clitoris. Whatever the case may be, the G-spot is a source of great pleasure for most women, and we want to help you enjoy yours.

How do I find the G-spot?

To find the G-spot, insert a well-lubed finger (or two) into your vagina during masturbation. Make sure you're relaxed and turned on first, as the G-spot becomes more pronounced during arousal. Press up in a "come hither" motion toward your belly button, about two inches in. Feel for a spongy area. Pay attention to the way it feels when you apply pressure to different parts of the anterior wall: Does it feel good? Do you feel like you have to pee? Then you may have found the spot. Many women report that they must get past the urge to urinate when they stimulate the G-spot. Keep pressing in a rhythmic motion and see what happens. Try a vibe or wand made especially for G-spot stimulation to help you along.

Once you warm up to your G-spot, try ejaculating. Female ejaculate is not urine, but it comes out of the urethra. If you're worried about accidentally urinating, just make sure to empty your bladder before you start. Don't worry; you probably won't gush—instead, you might release a teaspoon or two of ejaculate upon orgasm. Stimulate the G-spot to orgasm (try using a vibe on your clitoris as well if you can't orgasm through G-spot stimulation alone) and consciously think about letting go. Put a towel beneath you if you're worried about too much liquid.

Are there special vibrators that will help me stimulate my G-spot?

Yes. Let help you find the perfect G-spot stimulator. G-spot vibrators come in different shapes, sizes and textures. Our favorites: We Vibe Thrill Vibrator, nJoy Fun Wand, The Stronic Eins Pulsator Vibrator, The Lelo Gigi G-Spot Vibrator

What if I can't find my G-spot?

The G-spot is still a mystery to the medical community, so it's okay if it's a mystery to you as well. As we mentioned, not every woman likes the way G-spot stimulation feels, and not every woman can orgasm from G-spot stimulus alone. Just make sure to have fun while you look, and don't get discouraged. Pay attention to all the pleasurable sensations you discover as you search. Just relax, have fun and make sure to enjoy yourself. If you can't find your G-spot on your first (or 50th) try, stimulate yourself in other ways. It's all about pleasure.


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