's Charity Donation Pledge is proud to support Common Ground Sanctuary, a local charity that provides a lifeline for individuals and families in crisis, persons with mental illness, people contemplating suicide, and runaway and homeless youths. Every time you place an order at, we will donate 10 cents to Common Ground Sanctuary. Ten cents may not sound like much, but it adds up to over $100 per week.

We support Common Ground Sanctuary because we take a special interest in suicide prevention. Suicide is a serious problem that usually afflicts young people. The death of a young person is a very tragic thing that hurts friends, families and communities.

We also feel a certain connection with suicide prevention. Our business success is based upon the prevention of embarrassing situations. We offer products that people would rather not walk into a store and purchase. is successful because we prevent embarrassing situations.

Unfortunately, suicide works the other way. People often don't discuss their thoughts of suicide because they are ashamed. Suicide prevention organizations face the same challenge we do. They want to remove the embarrassment from a situation, so that suicidal people can get the care they need.

Finding a Better Business Bureau approved suicide prevention organization is not as easy as you may think. Only a small number of brave groups tackle this problem directly, and even fewer do it efficiently. We are happy to have found an organization in our state to work with. They are called Common Ground Sanctuary and you can find out more about them here.

Our company is committed to saving lives through suicide prevention. That's why we donate 10 cents from each order you place to help Common Ground provide treatment and shelter for people when they need it most. Help us in our goal of helping Common Ground to save at least one life.

If you'd like to see exactly where your money is going, check out the thank you letters from Common Ground posted on our site. Thank you for supporting and Common Ground Sanctuary.

Our Latest Thank You Note From Common Ground

Our Latest Thank You Note From Common Ground
Here is our latest thank you note from Common Ground Sanctuary. One of the great things about giving to a local charity is that they really seem to appreciate it. They even offer us the opportunity to tour the place and meet the people involved. I have been to two of their facilities and the people are terrific.

Common Ground is Awesome!

Photo Of Us Bringing Donations

Photo Of Us Bringing Donations
Here is a picture of us bringing a check and some needed supplies to Common Ground. We raised some of the money by asking guests to my son's third birthday party to bring donations instead of gifts.

After the birthday party, we drove to Common Ground and dropped of the supplies.

I'm trying to teach my son how to help others. I hope it works.