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His hands slid up alongside her, his gnarled fingers with their taloned nails stroking the coverlet over her thighs. She murmured, as though in a dream, and reached out in welcome.

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By L.C. Campbell


She lay in bed, staring out her window at the full moon. Twice now the incubus had come to her in the night, each time when the pale night orb had hung round and low in the sky. The first time she had begun to struggle, but soon surrendered to the feelings he created in her body. The second time she had welcomed him gladly, opening herself fully to sensation. This time...this time, she thought, she would try to please him as well. His visits had followed the same pattern, the same general actions following each other in a grand dance. She recalled one by one the things he had done to her in their sequence, and her legs spread wider of their own accord.

There was a soft rustling sound, and her bed sighed as a weight settled upon it. She looked into the shadows, and saw a shape near her feet, a menacing, inhuman form.

His hands slid up alongside her, his gnarled fingers with their taloned nails stroking the coverlet over her thighs. She murmured, as though in a dream, and reached out in welcome. He moved up and over her, his bulk obscuring the window and the moon's soft light. His teeth, sharp and pointed, glittered in the dimness, and his breath heated her throat. His lips found hers, and she arched against him, her mouth moving eagerly to accept his tongue. One hand spread wide over her breast, and even through the blankets her nipples leapt to meet his caress. He pulled down the covers slowly, his tongue leisurely exploring the curves of her lips. She embraced his shoulder with one arm, sliding the other down to find the root of her pleasure. He paused an instant as her hand grasped the shaft of his cock, looking down at her inscrutably. She stared up into his hourglass pupils, wondering what, if anything, this creature thought about during their congress together. She stroked the length of his member, down to its root, and tickled his balls lightly with her fingertips. There was no hair anywhere on his body, and she closed her eyes to savor the velvet of his skin. His free hand rose again from the blankets, up over her knee, across her thigh and smoothly grasped the mound of her sex. She giggled to herself - the last time, not expecting his return, she had not known to go naked to bed. She had learned better. His thick fingers slid down the crack of her pussy, and she spread her legs eagerly. Gripping his cock rhythmically, she stretched up to nibble along his neck. His hand probed deeper. She arched her pelvis up against his palm, begging silently for satisfaction. One of his fingers entered her, and she gasped against his throat. She was astonished anew by the sensation, for his finger alone was as large, it seemed, as any man's cock could be. He began to pump his hand against her, driving his finger in and out. She rocked in response, milking his shaft the while. She whispered to him, not knowing whether he heard, begging him to enter her fully, to let her suck him, all the things she knew would soon come. Orgasm welled up in her, and she shuddered against his chest, pounding her hips against the bed in powerful release.

As she subsided, he shifted, and she moved the hand that gripped his cock to rest both her hands on his head. She knew what was next, and was impatient. Despite her climax, she was not yet tired, though when he left her she knew she would be drained. He slid down over her, but as he did so, she grasped him by his ears, holding him gently still. She knew she could not hold him if he would not be held - her struggles, that first night, might as well have been against the wind for all the effect they had had on him. But he waited, when she stopped him, and she quickly rose up beside him, then turned and fell again on the bed, her feet to the headboard. He stayed still, when she released him, and so she reached out and gently pushed his head toward her dripping cunt. He lowered his face to the curls at her crotch, and dipped his tongue to the well of her juices. She turned her head, and looked up along his thigh to the erection that hung over her. Smiling to herself, she rose up against his leg, and took his balls gently in her mouth. As his tongue entered her pussy she nearly fell back, so powerful was the sensation of his penetration, but she was determined, and leaning on one elbow she gripped his waist with her other arm, holding herself firmly against his hip. She took the end of his cock in her mouth, but realized that she might take no more, it filled her so completely. The driving pulse of his mouth against her cunt was distracting, and she moaned deep in her throat as she ran her tongue around the glistening head of his spear. She pressed her breasts against his belly as he gripped her buttocks and pulled her further open to his searching mouth. She sobbed and rubbed her open mouth frantically along his shaft. As again the waves of orgasm filled her, she wrapped herself tightly around his hips, sucking as much of his cock as she could fit between her wide-stretched lips. Tingling waves rolled over her, she felt buoyed up on the tide, but still, she knew, he was not finished with her. Each time he came and filled her cunt three times, and each time he disappeared without relief himself. She was determined not to let him go without filling her with his cum.

Now he shifted again, pushing up on his mighty arms. She stopped him again, just resting her hand on his back, and sat on her heels beside him. He waited dumbly, and she looked at him a long moment. Then, straightening, she pressed her breast to his lips. He opened his mouth to suckle, and she reached down to again grasp his cock. It was hard as always, unchanging in its nature. She stroked and pressed, trying to find some alteration in his breathing, some sign that she was affecting him, but there was none. He sucked gently at her breast, and she was surprised to find herself pushing him slowly down beside her, never quite disengaging him, but lowering him onto his back on the bed. He traced her nipple with his tongue, his hand coming up to cover her unsuckled breast. She kissed his forehead tenderly, then rose to straddle him. His eyes opened, and he stared up at her. She smiled, and rubbed her pussy firmly over his cock, not yet wanting to hurry the final penetration. Always before he had lain atop her - now she would control the act, and hoped to bring him deep within her soul. He arched a little, seeking to enter her, and she shook her head playfully. Sliding down, she sucked for just a moment, tasting her own juices on his slick skin, then she straightened, and very slowly rose to put just the tip of the pulsing cock into her cunt. He strained, but she rose up with him, not letting him go any further in. "No," she said aloud, "my way this time." He didn't show any sign of understanding, but neither did he attempt to change position. Encouraged, she rocked just enough to push another inch of his shaft into her. As before, the sensation of his prick inside her nearly drove her to instant orgasm, but she opened her eyes, gazed at the moon, and slid fully down onto him. Impaled, she paused a moment, resting her hands on his chest. His own hands came up to grip her hips, and she resisted the temptation to let him guide her motion. She swiveled her hips teasingly, and he once more opened his eyes to regard her. She rocked back, reaching one hand down behind her to tickle his balls, and his entire body gave a shudder. Her eyes widened with delight, and she began to bounce gently against his hips, short swift strokes to help him find his rhythm. He groaned, and she nearly stopped short. Never before had he made any sound. She stared down at him, and his face contorted in counterpoint to the beat of her hips. She rocked more wildly, bending down so her breasts swung against his chest. He groaned again, and she was startled, when she looked at him, to see his face changing - in the darkness it seemed to her that his features were softening, somehow.

She pressed on, driving toward his climax, and was rewarded by his pelvis rising to meet her. He clutched at her buttocks, his fingers splayed into her crack. She rode him frantically, pounding against his cock with determination. His back arched, his hands slid up her back, and she gripped his shoulders with taloned fingers. She pressed her breast to his lips, and he opened his mouth to suck hungrily. The tingling of her nipple communicated directly to her cunt, and she gripped his hair in her hands. Her wild locks swung about her in an invisible wind, and her fangs pierced her lip with burning passion. She scissored her legs to tighten her cunt around him, milking his soul through his need. He cried out, as his cock throbbed and pulsed within her, his climax taking him deep within her. She felt the heat of his sperm filling her, and sucked deeply at the soul he exposed. Her hourglass pupils gleamed in the darkness as the man beneath her wept in surrender. Her wings spread, the succubus disappeared.


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