Is My Penis Smaller Than Average?

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Is age 16 too young to start worrying about the size of his penis?

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Puberty can take years to complete so don't worry. Plus it's probably average size anyway.

Is My Penis Too Small?

Ask the Sexpert

Average Penis Size

Dear Dr. Kat,

I feel I have a small penis and want to have sex but I think the girl will laugh at me. I wonder if you could tell me the average size of a 16 year old's penis and give me advice on how to overcome my problem.


Dear Reader,

Most complaints related to penis size are related to men falsely believing that his penis is small in size while in reality it is normal. Very few men truly have a small penis that might be related to hormonal disorders.

You may want to talk to your friends, a parent or your doctor. If you still have cocerns you can visit a Urologist to address the physical side of the issue or perhaps talking to a therapist might help you learn to be more comfortable with yourself.

The normal size of an erect penis in adults is above three inches with an average of four to six inches. The penile size at your age (16) is variable and depends upon how far into puberty you are. Most men don't complete puberty until the age of nineteen but it can sometimes even take into your early twenties. Give yourself a break and try not to worry about the appearance of your penis.