The importance of the labia to sexuality

executive summary
Discover your labia with help from Despite what you may have seen in mainstream pornography, labia come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Get to know what pleases you and makes your labia feel amazing.

hot facts
  • Discover your labia
  • Learn to heighten sexual arousal
  • Adorn and massage your labia

Libida Celebrates Labia

Our Friend, The Labia

Nerves, baby, Nerves!

Stroking the labia are like stroking a larger, slightly less sensitive, clitoris. Comparing it to man's genitalia, it is like stroking the shaft of his penis.  In other words, it feels fantastic! 

In fact, the nerves are the same type as the all-mighty clitoris (pudendal nerve).  The clitoris and vagina have tomes of elegant prose written about them, but even though the labia are so important in how much pleasure they can give a woman, it is often ignored. 

Why else is the labia important?

1. The labia protect the clitoris and vaginal opening. They act as a buffer to the sometimes overly sensitive clitoris. 

2. The labia heighten sexual arousal. Some women can have an orgasm simply from labial arousal.

3. The labia look erotic, like a delicious sensual flower.

So why do women want to lop off portions of the labia?  Labiaplasty is the US version of female circumcision that we so vehemently condemn in Africa and Asia.

The size and shape of the labia vary so dramatically from woman to woman that there are no 'normal' labia. MOST women have lusciously long and uneven labia majora or minora. The lovers of women (both men and women) often love large labia. 

In celebration of labia, in all shapes and sizes, we would like to challenge women to:

  • Discover your labia

    One of the best ways to explore your labia is to really get in there and check out every little fold, every idiosynchrosy.  Represent your labia in some way: draw them, paint them, color in a photocopy of them or mold them out of chocolate and eat them.  Any one of those will add to your understanding of just how special (and pleasurable) your labia really are.
  • Look at how gorgeous the labia is on other women. 

    We have come across this wonderful site for those who love the naturally luscious labia.
  • Draw pleasure from the labia.

    Adorn the labia with labial clips, piercings and more.
  • Learn to touch the labia

    Massage the labia, while you enjoy the different sensations. Alternate from the majora to the minora.  Use the labia to stimulate the clitoris (indirectly).
  • Add extra sensation to the labia

    Use different sensations to get the extra kick.  Try ice, a warming lube or vibrating clips.