Free Erotica - Neighbors

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"This so sucks! I have watched Lili for a month now and I still cannot get the brass to even talk to her! I know she's a dyke like me, but dammit! She is so... special. What would she want with me?"

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"Fiona, I think you are beautiful and very sexy. I have been watching you for weeks." She trailed a slender finger down Fiona's softly rounded cheek. "I even have dreams about you."



By Eternal

From her window she could see her, short shorts, bikini top showing off her tanned skin that glistened in the summer sun. She was a raven haired goddess, so beautiful, so out of reach. Fiona sighed and made herself turn away. She looked to her pale skin, her red hair and scowled.

"I can't even stand outside and watch her. I would fry." She snorted and flopped into a chair. "This so sucks! I have watched Lili for a month now and I still cannot get the brass to even talk to her! I know she's a dyke like me, but dammit! She is so... special. What would she want with me?"

Fiona gave up and headed to her car. Maybe a trip to the mall would help. She cast a quick look at her sexy neighbor as she left, feeling so ugly compared to the tall, sensual woman. Fiona was fat...there were no two ways around this. Not chubby...not plump...but F A T. Lili was tall, slender, toned and tanned.

Fiona sighed as she wandered the mall. She ignored the stares, the rude comments. She was used to them by now. She bought a few things she really needed and stopped for lunch at the food court. She got a salad and a bowl of sliced fruit...her usual summer lunch.

She was not fat by choice. Genetics played a large part in it. She hated the jiggling, the rolls of flesh. She cringed as she heard a couple of men making fun of her. She took a deep breath and ignored them, or tried to.

When they started making comments about maybe all she needed was a dick to get her off the feed bag she paled. She hurriedly tossed away her unfinished lunch and made a dash for her car. They followed her until she stopped beside a security guard. Only then did they go back the way they came.

Fiona was in tears as she got in her car. Why? What had she ever done to them? She made her way home, tears still sliding down her face. She didn't notice Lili watching her as she stumbled into her house, sobbing as she slammed and locked the heavy oaken door.

Lili scowled. She knew her pretty neighbor lived alone and she knew the woman was usually fairly cheerful. She had been meaning to stop and visit, get to know the one neighbor she might actually like. Lili thought Fiona was sexy. All round and cuddly. The very image of the Earth Goddess.

"That does it...something is wrong and I am going to go see if she is alright." Lili took a quick shower and slipped into a t-shirt and shorts. Barefoot she padded across her lawn to knock on Fiona's door.

Fiona was trying to calm down when she heard the knock. She froze -- what if it was those men?? She tip-toed to the window and looked out. Lili??? HERE? She had a serious case of the deer in the head lights going on as she slowly opened the door.

Lili saw the swollen green eyes and the remnants of fear in the woman's eyes and spoke softly. "Hey, are you okay? I saw you crying as you came in. Oh, I'm Lili by the way."

Fiona gaped, then almost squeaked as she realized she was being rude. "Please...come in. I'm Fiona and don't worry about me. I'm fine." Oh god, she's here, in my house!! Why? Not that I'm complaining but surely she has better things to do then pay a pity call on me.

Fiona looked at the nicely furnished home. Everything spoke of hidden sensuality. Soft fabrics, rich colours and gentle lighting. She smiled at the pretty redhead and put her hand on her arm. "Fiona, don't lie to me. Something is wrong. You came running in all pale and shaking...what happened?"

Fiona shivered at Lili's touch and found herself spilling out the story. "I was so scared, they wanted" She looked as if she was going to be ill. "I don't like men as it is, not like that anyway." She didn't realize they had ended up on the sofa, thighs touching. She wanted to lean in and feel Lili's arms around her so badly.

Lili shook her head. "Pigs, all of them. I'm sorry Fiona, maybe next time I should go with you, protect you."

"You would want to be seen" Fiona stared at Lili in shock. "But why? I'm ugly, and you're so beautiful. People would laugh at you for being with a fat slug like me..."

Lili looked Fiona in the eyes, her ice blue ones stern." Ugly? Fiona, I think you are beautiful and very sexy. I have been watching you for weeks." She trailed a slender finger down Fiona's softly rounded cheek. "I even have dreams about you. Spread out on the bed, red hair loose and flowing, you moaning as we make love."

Fiona felt the heat building between her legs. Her large nipples were straining against her super support bra and she ached to kiss those soft, ripe lips that were so close. Instead she blushed deeply and looked away in confusion. This has to be a dream.

Lili tilted Fiona's face up and leaned in, brushing her lips softly over hers, tasting the sweet from the fruit and the salt from the recent tears. Fiona moaned and shivered as Lili pulled her closer. This was what she had day-dreamed about. The feel of sun-warmed arms around her, full lips locked with hers.

Lili normally didn't rush like this...but she wanted Fiona, wanted to taste her, caress her full form, make her moan with pleasure. She slipped a hand under Fiona's shirt and undid the clasps of her bra, then tugged the shirt and bra off. She gazed hungrily at the firm, ripe breasts and lowered her head, suckling the taut, rose coloured nipple eagerly.

Fiona arched her back and moaned, tangling her fingers in the blue black tresses that now cascaded over her. Lili worshipped Fiona's large breasts, taking turns licking, sucking and nibbling the rosy nipples in turn.

Fiona pulled back, eyes glowing with passion. "Please, let me taste you..."

Lili smiled and stood, doing a slow strip tease for her new lover. Fiona watched in awe, body aching. When Lili was nude she reclined on the wide sofa, legs parted. Fiona hesitantly undressed before kneeling between Lili's legs. Lili moaned as she got a full view of the lushness of Fiona's round body. "Oh Fiona, you are so beautiful..."

Fiona spoke not a word. She stroked Lili's wetness tenderly, parting the lips like the petals of a dew-kissed flower. She brought her mouth to Lili's throbbing button and licked it slowly, dizzy as the taste of her exploded on her eager tongue.

Lili writhed and moaned, arching so that her wetness was pressed closer to Fiona's exploring mouth. Lithely she shifted so that she could reach Fiona. Lili looked at the pouty lips and the juices glistening there and slipped a finger inside, rubbing tenderly, teasingly.

Fiona cried out and began to press two fingers inside Lili, teasing, tormenting as she sucked at her button skillfully. The two women writhed against each other, voices joining as they moaned out their passion.

For what seemed like hours they made love, moving from the sofa to Fiona's large bed. Darkness had fallen by the time they were cuddled together, breathless and sated.

Lili held Fiona tightly, suddenly protective of this sweet Earth Goddess made of flesh and blood. She stroked the flaming hair and whispered. "Shall I stay the night?"

Fiona was nestled like a kitten against Lili. She looked up and smiled happily. "Yes. I would like that Lili."

Lili kissed her temple, yawning heavily. "Then I will, anytime you want me too." She was contented...strangely so in fact.

Fiona rested her head on Lili's breasts, eyes slipping closed. She could not believe that this was real. Sleep took her and this time she didn't dream, she didn't have to.

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