Nine Wars to Explore Your Fantasies

executive summary
Here are some truly sexy ideas and the tools you'll need for an incredible evening.

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Weave a web of seduction with the power of forbidden words.

Nine Ways to Explore Your Fantasies


Here are some truly sexy ideas, and we've suggested the tools to pull them off.

1. Play with Sensation... Find out how ice, fur, -- even a hairbrush -- can make your Valentine's skin tingle and breath quicken. And since erotic exploration shouldn't end after February 14, Sex is Fun  is the perfect way to embark on a week-by-week course in pleasure. Includes ideas for costumes, fantasies, aphrodisiacs, erotic massage, and more. Pair this with a Blindfold, a Feather, and some Nipple Clamps to explore a full range of sensations.


2. Make a Splash... In the bath with the waterproof vibrator.


3. Talk Dirty... And weave a web of seduction with the power of forbidden words. The Fine Art of Erotic Talk will help unleash your erotic imagination and loosen your tongue.


4. Tasty Treats... Use your lover's body as a canvas, and lick edible oils from him or her. 

5. Stage a Weekend Getaway... And bring along the Bliss Bliss Kit, with its eyemask, aphrodisiac-infused massage gel and a feather tickler.. You won't be short on sexy ideas if you also pack a copy of Orgasm: Over 100 Truly Explosive Tips. 

6. Pack a Surprise... And explore his prostate! The Aneros and the Lelo Bob Butt Plug are small and perfect for first-time prostate massage.


7. Send a Sexy E-Mail... And set the stage for anticipation and mystery. Turn the heat up by wearing the Prism Butt Plug, or using a no-hands vibrator like the Turn Me On Vibrating Panty.


8. Say it With a Sex Toy... Forget the flowers and candy and give the gift that keeps on giving--a sex toy. A Spring Love Vibrator for her and an Adjustable Cock Ring for him. Package it with a book of steamy erotica such as's Best Erotic Stories and you'll have no trouble getting in the mood.