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Dear Dr. Kat,

My boyfriend of 6 years is a wonderful and very buff lover. His penis is average size and it pleases me very much. We are nudists, and it is at this time he wishes he had more to “show”. I mean that he would like his flaccid penis to have more length. I can't give him a good argument against it as I have had breast augmentation which I am very happy with. Would penis pumps be an option?


Dear Reader,

There’s an old saying that you can divide men’s penises into two categories: either as “show-ers” or a “grow-ers”. There are those exceptions of men who are both, but it seems to be far and few between.

In general, guys who have large flaccid penises tend not to gain as much girth or length with erection as their smaller counterparts. This is good news for most guys as even if flaccid they tend to be on the smaller side it means that they have the most growth potential during erection. Hence, if you have a big penis all the time you’re a “show-er” and if you have one you grow into more, you’re a “grow-er”.

I can imagine that this is especially evident at the nude social scenes. But part of the beauty of the (for instance) nude beach is that you do see the whole spectrum of sizes of penises and breasts. But it’s funny that even the most secure men on the nude beach can have issues with the size of their penis. It just shows you how powerful the lore of the penis is in our culture.

Although they can be useful for intercourse, penis pumps are not helpful in increasing flaccid size or erection size overall. Pumps work by drawing more blood into the penis through a suction device. This is a short term fix and never a permanent one. While they can help develop and maintain an erection (this can be helpful for older men or men with erection issues) they cannot increase the overall flaccid or erection size of the penis, regardless of whether or not these pumps advertise that they do – don’t believe it.

It comes down to the fact that there isn’t anything that reasonably works to increase penis size. People talk of surgeries (which I’ve addressed before) or of injections to increase girth. If his penis works well for the both of you and he is of “normal” size, I’m not sure what else he would get out of a bigger penis other than an extra ego stroke. I suggest you both embrace the fact that like most men, your boyfriend is a “grower”. Perhaps now when you go to the nude beach, you can look at all of the smaller guys in a new way…who knows what erection potential may be hiding in that little penis of theirs?

~Dr. Kathleen Van Kirk