Finding the Prostate

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Are you curious about the prostate gland and how it can be stimulated? Read our Prostate Guide to find out everything you need to know about P-spot stimulation.

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How to stimulate the prostate gland through the use of toys and lubricants.

What Is the Prostate and How Do I Find It?
The prostate gland is a doughnut-shaped gland that circles your urethra. It's referred to as the male G-spot. Through the anus, both the prostate gland and the root of the penis can be stimulated, causing pleasurable sensations. The prostate is located two to three inches into the anus, toward the belly button. It has a raised, bumpy texture, like that of a walnut.

Some men don't want to try prostate stimulation because of its taboo location. It is a wide believed myth that if you enjoy anal stimulation, you're gay. The truth is, gay or straight, all men have a prostate gland and can have stronger orgasms when it's stimulated.

To get started experiencing the mind blowing orgasms the prostate can give you, try the following tips:

1. Clean up. If you're worried about getting dirty, go ahead and take a shower. Use a soapy finger to clean all around your anus. You can also try a warm water douche in an enema syringe to get rid of any traces of your last bowel movement.

2. Get ready. Have a good anal lube ready, such as Doc Johnson Anal Lube, any silicone-based lubricant, or a thick water based lubricant like Maximus Lubricant. Your rectum doesn't self-lubricate, so you'll want to use a good amount of lubricant. For your first anal explorations, either use your fingers (file your nails down so you don't scratch your delicate anal tissue) or a small butt plug, like the Aneros. If you're queasy about sticking your bare finger into your anus, try wearing a pair of latex gloves.

3. Get aroused. Begin by masturbating as you normally would. Give yourself time and privacy so you can truly explore your erogenous zones. When you start to get really aroused, try stroking your perineum (the area between your scrotum and your anus).

4. Go for it. Apply a generous amount of lubricant to your fingers and begin exploring your anus. Try lightly stroking the area around it before easing your way in. As you push a finger in, bear down (this helps relax your sphincters). Push your finger in about two inches, paying attention to your body's response and remembering to relax. Leave your finger in this position for a little while, allowing your body to get used to the feeling of penetration.

5. Find your prostate. Press your finger in a "come hither" motion towards your penis. You might feel the gland, which is raised and feels like a walnut. Try moving your finger from side to side or try tapping the prostate. Experiment with different pressures and strokes to find out what feels the best to you. Add another finger or try a butt plug if you feel comfortable. Anal toys like the Aneros are curved especially for prostate stimulation and leave your hands free for masturbation or partner sex.

6. Add a partner. Once you've experimented a couple of times and have found what you like, ask your partner to help you stimulate your prostate.

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