Free Erotica - The Punishment

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A single finger lifted her chin. "You are mine. You belong to me. Your pleasure belongs to me. Today you took that pleasure without My permission. Do you deny it?"

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He removed the handcuffs and replaced them with leather restraints. She felt his hands slowly removing the tape from her nipples, the air against her skin causing her to gasp.

The Punishment

The Punishment

by Misha

She lay trembling, wondering what He was going to do with her. She had never been punished before for orgasming without His permission because she had never done that before. She closed her eyes and moaned softly, half in fear, half in anticipation.

"You're going to be doing a lot of that before this night is over, misha," he stated quietly. He slipped the blindfold over her eyes, with a quiet command to stand by the edge of the bed, her legs apart.

She got up off the bed awkwardly, standing as he'd commanded her. She began to tremble anew as she heard him rummaging around in the closet, muttering about fresh batteries.

A single finger lifted her chin. "You are mine. You belong to me. Your pleasure belongs to me. Today you took that pleasure without My permission. Do you deny it?" She shook her head. "You also know that you will be punished for that. You understand why, don't you?" She nodded.

She felt his hands on her nipples. Pinching and tugging, she moaned softly. That moan turning to a whimper of pain as he twisted her nipples roughly. "I don't think I want you to forget about your nipples, misha. Maybe we should put something there to remind you of them." he said with a smile in his voice. Something cool was being smoothed onto her nipple...something...oh my god, she thought as the burn began. The other nipple was coated with the Tiger Balm as she squirmed from the heat traveling through her. He placed a strip of medical tape over them, locking the heat into her body.

"How does that feel, misha?" She merely moaned in response. Suddenly she was dragged across his lap, facedown.

"You will count each stroke of the paddle. When you are ready for the next, you will ask for the next. Do you understand?" She nodded, trembling, for she hated that paddle. She felt him spray cold water onto her bottom. The first slap of the paddle had her gasping at its intensity. Oh, dear god.... "One, Master. May I have another?"

Slap! oh, god, how many more? "Nineteen, Master, may I have another?" Tears were streaming down her face as she said the words. Her bottom was on fire, and she was squirming with each descent of the paddle. He continually stopped, and watered her bottom between strokes, making each one seem that much harder. Slap!

She screamed as the paddle came down once again, nearly jumping off of his lap. She lay gasping and trembling, breathing raggedly, trying to gain enough composure to speak. "I think that will be enough for now," he stated, running his hand over her bottom. She squirmed as the heat from his hand burned into her, searing her soul and igniting her clit to a frenzy. His finger slid down and touched her burning clit, nearly sending her through the roof. "Please Master!"

"No, misha. I'm not done with you yet. You have to learn control." She felt a dildo slide between her lips, teasing her cunt by sliding up and down. She moaned, moving her hips with the motions of the dildo. She felt it slide up inside of her easily, she was so wet. She moaned in appreciation. "Thank you, Master!"

"Don't thank me yet, misha. You haven't even begun to be punished!" was his reply. She felt him parting the cheeks of her bottom and slide a large plug into her. "Ohhh...." The plug had been coated with toothpaste. The burning from her ass, the plug, and her nipples made her cunt throb around the vibrator. She swore she could feel her heartbeat in her clit.

"Now, stand up, misha."

She felt him drawing something up her legs, attaching it to the dildo and the plug inside of her. "A little dab will do ya!" he joked as he smoothed some Tiger Balm over her ravaged clit. She was so close, she could have orgasmed if he would have kept his finger on her clit. He lifted the blindfold from her eyes and commanded her to look at what he was doing. Her eyes flared wide as she looked down to see a chastity belt around her waist, unclosed for now. He laughed as he saw her eyes fly to his face in wonder. "I don't think we'll need this either." he said as he tossed a small key onto the bedside table. "You are going to stay in this all night."

The click of the belt sounded like thunder to her ears. As soon as the lock closed, there was a different sensation. Her knees buckled as the dildo began to vibrate inside of her, the plug swelling slightly and vibrating as well. She fell forward into her Master's arms, thankful for his support as her body betrayed her. She felt the beginning of an orgasm hitting her, her muscles clamping down on the dildo. As suddenly as it had begun, the vibrating stopped. She moaned and whimpered, hearing his laughter in her ear.

"Isn't that wonderful? It will stop vibrating when you are close enough for your muscles to flutter around it. But, it will start again, when you have recovered..." Sure enough, the vibrations started again, and she moaned, wondering how long she would endure this exquisite torture.

He gave her collar a tug, bringing her eyes to meet his. "Get dressed, misha, we're going out"

She didn't know where they were going. She didn't really care. Her body and mind were otherwise occupied. Her Master had laid the seat completely back and had buckled her in Himself. "This way I have full access to you while we drive. Isn't that nice, misha?" he asked, climbing into the driver's seat.

"Yes, Master." came her quiet response. It was so hard to talk with her body in such a state. Her mind was floating...somewhere in the abyss. His hands continued to tease her as He drove, his fingernails scratching across the tape on her nipples or reaching over to pat the chastity belt, just above her clit, making her arch up to him. The vibrations thrilled through her, bringing her to the edge, only to stop short of going over.

He pulled the car to a halt and ordered her to sit up. Looking around, she recognised the restaurant they frequently chose. He slipped a pair of handcuffs on her wrists and led her inside. The waitress who seated them looked strangely at her, seeing the almost dazed expression on her face, but said nothing. The handcuffs were not visible under the long sleeves of her dress. She wondered idly if the waitress could hear the hum of the vibrators or smell the lingering scent of Tiger Balm. What would the waitress do if she saw her handcuffs?

Her Master ordered the meal for them, taking the time before the meal came to whisper in her ear of things he knew turned her on. How He was going to spank her with His hand, flog her, crop her, place the clamps on her nipples and crop them as well. She lost track of how many times the vibrators shut themselves off. She was so close she could have cum at His word alone. But that was not going to be granted to her until she had earned it and pleased Him well. His hand strayed to her cunt, protected by the chastity belt, lightly slapping over it. He enjoyed the sight of her straining for control, desperately trying to hide from the other patrons her predicament. Her punishment.

Their dinner arrived, all finger foods. Her Master fed her Himself, having her lick his fingers clean. She put her all into sucking His fingers, trying to tell him without words how much she wanted to do this elsewhere on His body. She had wrapped her tongue around His finger, and was sucking with gusto when the waitress appeared, asking if their meal was satisfactory. Her Master withdrew His finger, causing a loud "pop" from her. He grinned at the waitress, quipping "Finger licking good!" as misha began to cough, mostly from embarassment. Her hands went automatically to cover her mouth and saw the waitress's eyes widen when she noticed the glint of silver between her wrists. The waitress gave them a confused smile and then directed a quizzical look at misha as she went to her other tables, glancing back frequently at them.

"I think she's catching on to us." her Master grinned, turning to misha and giving her a warm smile. "I wonder what she'd say about your vibrators? Or maybe about the Tiger Balm on your nipples?"

"I don't know Master," misha replied. "Maybe she would perk over it, like me?" Her Master merely smiled at this, reaching down to pat her over her clit, through the belt. He continued to feed her the meal, taking his time. Their waitress had gathered with a small group of other waiters/waitresses from the restaurant, and now they were all looking curiously at the two of them as they went about their duties.

"I think it's time for dessert, misha." He tossed the money onto the table and assisted her from her seat, for her legs were trembling so badly, she could not walk without His support. He led her back to the car and fastened her in, the same as before. Driving with one hand on the wheel and the other roaming over her as He pleased. A storm had rolled in, and misha could feel the electricity in the air, adding to her deliciously tormented state. The thunder rolled in the distance as he pulled to a stop and led her inside and downstairs.


As she moved quickly to do His bidding, He removed the handcuffs and replaced them with leather restraints. She felt his hands slowly removing the tape from her nipples, the air against her skin causing her to gasp and making the vibrators within her stop yet again. Oh, dear god, if only.... her mind could not complete the thought. Thunder crashed again as she felt herself secured against a St. Andrew's Cross. A small yelp escaped her lips as she felt Him attach weighted clamps to her nipples, giving each one a swing before moving behind her again. She moaned and squirmed as He began to flog her, first with a soft suede slowly graduating to a latigo leather. He smiled as He pulled her favorite out of His bag of toys, a flogger made of long rubber strips, about 12 inches in length. "Master!" she squealed as the first of many strokes kissed her inflamed skin. The storm raged outside, competing with the tempest building inside of her. She felt herself so close, so on the edge, oh god, teetering on a cliff. She struggled with her body, trying to keep from displeasing Him again, but, oh, god, the sweet, sweet torment of it all!

A tortured moan was dragged from her throat as the flogging stopped and fire began to make a slow trail over her body. Her Master was rubbing her skin with a silk hankerchief, the heat from His hand flaming through the silk and searing her soul. "Master please!" she begged, sobbing out to him.

He moved to the front of her, looking deeply into her eyes. "Are you learning yet, misha? You do not take your pleasure. I alone give it to you." He cupped her breasts in His hands and squeezed them gently, moving slowly to her nipples and toying with them as he pleased flicking the weights back and forth with his fingers. "Yes, Master!" she gasped, her body straining against her bonds to be closer to Him. He kissed her then, long and hard, drinking in her complete surrender to Him, her Master.

"You make me proud to call you mine, misha." He whispered in her ear. He removed the clamps with a sharp tug, pinching both of her nipples painfully hard, uttering a single word, "Cum".... at His command she exploded, screaming and mindless, crying out to Him, shuddering and gasping. Her entire body spasming around the dildo and plug, feeling the burning spreading from her nipples to her clit. Wave after wave of sensation hit her, each cresting higher than the last.

When the waves receeded and the low rumble of thunder spread into the silence, she heard her own voice from far away whisper, "Thank you, Master."

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