What Gemini is Like in Bed

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What are the sexual secrets of a Gemini? Learn more about what turns the twin on, whether you're a Gemini or it's your lover's sign. Geminis are flirtatious and experimental.

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Sexual Gemini

Gemini Sexual Profile

Commitment can be a four-letter word to you. You feel the most sexually free when there are no strings attached. You love to enjoy the moment, not spend your time thinking about tomorrow. You're friends with many of your lovers and like to keep a spare around at all times (in case of emergency). Your list of lovers with whom you still keep in touch reads like a high school yearbook. But your biggest challenge is when you actually fall in love -- it can be difficult to drop that superficial flirting with all those exes when you've finally found a keeper.


Turn-ons Turn-offs Keywords
Flirtatious chat and a witty, sexual innuendo

A partner with zero imagination and/or a low I.Q. Mask, mystery, experimentation
Famous women Sexual Position Ultimate Fantasy
Sandra Bernhardt, Josephine Baker, Lauryn Hill
You on top Hooking up with an illicit lover at a fine hotel for a spontaneous evening of pleasure.


What turns a Gemini women on? Learn the inner sexual secrets of a Gemini.