What Leo is like in Bed

Leo Sexual Profile

You're such an exhibitionist. You like your sex loud and dramatic -- an eavesdropping neighbor or voyeuristic roommate will only add fuel to your fire. A Leo woman needs to feel that she owns her partner, making public displays of affection a major turn-on. A round of necking on a park bench is your favorite form of foreplay. (You love to mark your territory.) At home, you're the archetypal tigress: You know what you want in bed, and you're not afraid to ask for it. You have such a strong sex drive that a partner can't always keep up with you. You probably have a stock of kinky toys to help you get off when you're alone.


Turn-ons Turn-offs Keywords
Wet kisses in an elevator in full view of other passengers; dramatic good-byes as you see your lover off to work Repressed or secretive types who aren't comfortable advertising their relationships Groans, yells, and passionate arguments
Famous women Sexual Position Ultimate Fantasy
Madonna, Clara Bow, Dorothy Parker, Tina Modotti, Amelia Earhart Standing. Joining the Mile High Club with your lover while riding on an airplane