What Libra is like in Bed

Libra Sexual Profile

You elevate lovemaking to a creative art. Sex is an almost spiritual act for you, where you become one with your partner. There's something old-fashioned about your approach to sex. Perhaps it's because you're so good at convincing yourself that you've truly fallen in love with your partner. You fervently believe in "Happily ever after," even if it takes an assortment of divorces and live-in relationships to get you there. You get turned on by all of the trappings -- candlelight, soft music, and fine wine. You love to go overboard, romancing someone from head to toe, worshipping every inch of your lover's body.

Turn-ons Turn-offs Keywords
Poetry, song lyrics, and words of wooing
Body-centric types who just go through the motions without any emotion Soulmate, ideals, beliefs
Famous women Sexual Position Ultimate Fantasy
Susan Sarandon, Ani DiFranco, Ntozake Shange, Eleanor Roosevelt, Sigourney Weaver
Whatever will most please your partner Experiencing love at first sight -- and having it turn into a stable, long-term relationship