Sqweel Review

executive summary
The Sqweel isn't a vibrator—it laps at your clitoris with a ring of soft, silicone tongues. Does it feel like oral sex? Read more to find out.

hot facts
  • The Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator
  • For external labial and clitoral stimulation

Sqweel Oral Sex Simulator Review

First Look at the Sqweel

Everyone in the Libida office saw the Sqweel, did a double take, and laughed.  We have seen many strange vibrators come up but this one was topped them all.  It looks as if it were going to conjure up some wind and power regular vibrator inside.

The Sqweel is not actually a vibrator it is a wheel with 10 silicone flaps that are soft enough to gently slap against the clitoris or labia giving the sensation of oral sex. 

I have not seen anything more innovative (that also works) since the Cone came out a few years ago.  

First Impressions of the Sqweel

The Sqweel looks like an updated old-fashioned water wheel.  While not particularly sexy, it has a joyous look to it. The Sqweel is packaged in an environmentally friendly reusable tin.  The packaging suits the product -- light and fun. It comes with extra little bit of lube but does not come with the 3 AAA necessary to make it work.

The Sqweel Action

The main thing I could say about this product is that the sensations generated by the Sqweel are very different from a regular vibrator or any other sex toy I have tried. 

The best way to describe the sensation is: Rythymic, sensual and less "artificial" than a vibrator. 

I found that holding the wheel opening to my clitoris worked the best.  And because the flaps are angled on top of one another, you can turn it around and have the flaps either go up or go down, giving a different sensation.  Turned down feels more natural.  


Does the Sqweel feel like oral sex? 

My answer is a wishywashy, yes and no.

The feeling is a rhythmicone, similar to oral sex.  The heat and wetness is not the same.  Adding lube helps to increase the feeling of oral sex, but the warmth of the tongue is not there. 

Sqweel Overall

This sex toys is completely different ... and it works!

While I loved this new sensation from a sex toy and have greedily kept it by the side of my bed, it might not be as strong as other vibrators I have used.   

I just wished, like other waterwheels  it could handle water like a waterwheel, alas it is not waterproof.

Despite the giddy start, I am impressed  -- and now have moved the Sqweel up to first position in my toy chest.