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The Hitachi Magic Wand, a plug-in ball top massager is the most popular of all vibrators in history.

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It wasn't until 1973, with the help of a champion-for-female-masturbation, Betty Dodson, that this strong electric massager made it into the sexual realm.

The Story of the Hitachi Magic Wand

The Story of the Hitachi Magic Wand

The Hitachi Magic Wand, a plug-in ball top massager is the most popular of all vibrators in history. Why? The Hitachi Magic Wand got a puritanical start. It was designed, like other massagers to relax tense muscles. It wasn't until 1973, with the help of a champion-for-female-masturbation, Betty Dodson, that this strong electric massager made it into the sexual realm.

Hitachi Magic Wand Fame came in the 1970s
In the 70's sex-vibrators were still only being sold in seedy porno shops. Sex toys were illegal (and still are) in some States. Hitachi's success was all due to -- Betty Dodson -- the queen of female masturbation.

After trying all the vibrators on the market, Betty determined that the Hitachi Magic Wand had the most potential. In 1973 she introduced the idea of electric vibrators in her article in MS magazine as devices for women's pleasure. And the electric vibrator she chose was the Hitachi Magic Wand.

"For the past two years I have been experimenting with different vibrators. I have found that the vibrator gives me the strongest and most consistent form of stimulation and is especially good for women who have never experienced orgasm. It also overcomes the problem of your hand or arm getting tired while masturbating manually. Some women complain that the vibrator makes them go numb. Of course, if you put the vibrator directly on your clitoris and don't move either the vibrator or your body, you will numb out. I always use a bit of material between me and my vibrator -- a piece of velvet,satin, fur, a towel."

Ms. Dodson has touted the benefits of masturbation for women in numerous workshops, books and DVDs, and her #1 choice is always the Hitachi, as the most reliable tool to accomplish it.

Even today Betty has found nothing better, "Once I discovered how great this vibrator was for sexual pleasure, I started buying them by the case to share with the women in my original Bodysex groups. Since the early seventies I have recommended the Magic Wand without being paid for my endorsement." Betty Dodson

How did the Hitachi Magic Wand get so good at pleasing women?
The Hitachi Magic Wand has some remarkable characteristics that set it apart from most vibrators.
  1. It is well-built and reliable. The Hitachi has a strong electric motor that is powered by a standard (110 - 120 volts) plug. The long (6") cord allows for receiving the power of the plug-in while moving around in many positions without feeling tethered to the wall.
  2. The vibrations are strong and mimic the body's own natural, throbbing sensations. The 2 speeds are easy to adjust.
  3. The ball-top head is wide. Why is this important? The female sexual zones are varied. Women enjoy many erotic sensations that culminate in one holistic, sensual and sexual experience. Women's sexual organs have the clitoris (in the center) surrounded by the labia minora, labia majora and entrance to the vagina. If positioned correctly, a woman can enjoy all areas being stimulated simultaneously.
  4. The handle itself conducts little vibration, therefore allowing hours of pleasure without making the hand go numb.
  5. The long, sturdy arm gives leverage and pressure. The weight of this vibrator allows for you never having to worry about putting pressure on the area -- the vibrator does that by itself. Tilt it against your body, and you get even more pressure, without using much energy at all.

How to Use the Hitachi Magic Wand?

  1. New to Masturbation:
    Many beginners love this vibrator because it is non-intimidating. It doesn't look like a sexual object; instead, it looks more like a sports massager. It's also a non-invasive sex toy. The Hitachi Magic Wand works so well for beginners, because it can be used on the clitoris. If you want to use it inside the vagina, you will need an attachment.
  2. With a partner.
    The Hitachi Magic Wand is one of the least intimidating sex toys to introduce into a sexual partnership, because it has so many other uses. It can be brought in as a massager at first, and can then be moved to more erotic zones of the body, gradually. Because of its high quality construction, it can either be held or rolled over, lain on top of or put between two lovers.
  3. Solo Masturbation.
    Going solo is the most common way of using the Hitachi Magic Wand. It adds a reliable short-cut to orgasm for most women. Use Hitachi on the clitoris, labia, anus or any other zone that you find erotic. Start with a barrier such as a towel between you and the highly sensitive clitoris. Adjust as needed. (more on How To Use the Hitachi Magic Wand)
  4. Massaging Sore Muscles
    It doesn't only have to be used for sexual purposes, either. The Hitachi was built for massage and can be used to massage tense muscles, as well
  5. Advanced Uses of the Hitachi: Attachments. The Hitachi Magic Wand attachments --- add the ability to take the vibrations internally (inside the vagina and to the G-Spot). The two attachments, Gee Whiz --- a high-quality silicone curved dildo -- and the lower priced G Cap allow the Hitachi to turn into an internal vibrator, as well.
  6. For post menopausal women, the Hitachi Magic Wand has proven to be especially effective.

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What women say about the Hitachi Magic Wand: Customer Reviews
The Hitachi Magic Wand has the most positive reviews than any other vibrator in history! Here are a few:

"The strongest vibrator I have ever used! The Magic Wand is a no-nonsense sexual appliance - a veritable orgasm machine. The low and high settings are both simply intense. The handle part hardly vibrates at all, which is great because otherwise my hands would go numb! It's so strong that when I use it I spend a lot of time NOT using it but just teasing myself. It makes fast orgasms easy, multiple orgasms easy, and it's the only vibrator that my boyfriend has ever found sexually stimulating. The Magic Wand should be a fundamental tool in anyone's toy box."

"I know it's been said many times before, but this vibe really is a must have. It was the first toy that I purchased and I really enjoy the versatility of it. Well worth the price.

Sometimes sore muscles can be a sad way to end the day, and this works great on relieving tension in your shoulders before working your way down to your more sensitive bits.

The strong vibrations are a must if you''re trying to awaken nerve endings that have gone unused for 20+ years." ~ Victorira in Eureka

"Wow. I had heard the type about the hitachi, and I have to admit, I was a little skeptical. I had always had trouble achieving orgasm until this. The second it arrived I was ready. To my surprise, under 30 seconds of these deep vibrations I found myself having female ejaculation something that had never occurred. The orgasms are INTENSE and are achieved quickly. I LOVE this toy. WOW. " ~ Steph in Orlando

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