Travel Sex Toys

executive summary
Some toys you just don't want to leave at home, and you don't have to!

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If you can't fit all your favorite toys in one bag, choose a product that will tickle multiple fancies.

Sex Toys for Travel

Just like the American Express card, there are some toys you don't want to leave home without.

The Essentials
These must-have travel toys can be easily stashed in an overnight bag or purse:

  • Make all your sex play slippery and sexy -- pack a bottle of Pink Lube for the road.
  • Get in any sexual position, anywhere, with the Sex Sling. The Sex Sling makes it easy to get her into all kinds of interesting positions.
One Toy, Many Tricks
If you can't fit all your favorite toys in one bag, choose a product that will tickle multiple fancies:
  • The popular Waterproof Rabbit stimulates all your pleasure points. Insert the long vibrating shaft and enjoy the tumbling pearls. Then let the bunny ears flick vigorously against your clitoris.
  • Versatile toys like the Rise and Shine Cock Ring can be used as a cock ring or a bullet vibrator.

Toy Incognito
These toys are so discreet, you don't have to worry about airport personnel or nosy relatives on your trip:

  • The shapely designs of the Touch Vibrator bear no resemblance to traditional phallic-shaped toys, probably because they're designed by a woman!
  • The foot-long Hitachi Magic Wand looks like your average "sports massager," but makes a great travel vibrator, offering the power and reliability of an electric vibe without the cord.
Make Time Fly
Long flights, car rides, or delays at the airport can fly by if you distract yourself with spontaneous sexual pleasure:
  • You'll prefer seats that aren't together on your next plane flight when you're wearing the Black Thong Vibrating Panties and your partner's got the controls.
  • Your seat-mate might wonder why you're looking a little flushed, but only you'll know it's because you're sitting on the Prism, a comfy anal plug.
Happy Trails!