A Lube Sampler Pack by JO - Massage, H2O, Pineapple

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Full Description of this sex toy
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Why we offer A Lube Sampler Pack by JO - Massage, H2O, Pineapple:
A Lube Sampler Pack by JO - Massage, H2O, Pineapple

Key Features:

  • Three-bottle sampler pack offering diverse intimate experiences

  • Versatile and multipurpose lubricants for varied sensual encounters

  • Perfect for transitioning from massage to intimate moments

  • Includes classic H2O lubricant and a tantalizing Juicy Pineapple option

Indulge in the JO Limited Edition Triple Pack - Classic, an ensemble curated to ignite passion and elevate sensual experiences. This sampler pack comprises three distinct 1-fluid-ounce bottles, each designed to offer unique and delightful encounters in the realm of intimacy.

Experience the seamless transition from sensual massages to unforgettable lovemaking with JO's all-in-one massage glide. This versatile lubricant encourages partners to explore the realms of erotic massage, allowing for a smooth segue into deeply intimate moments.

Included in this tri-pack is the renowned JO H2O, a classic lubricant revered for its compatibility with all pleasure pursuits. Its water-based formula ensures a natural, silky glide, perfect for enhancing the comfort and pleasure of every touch.

Indulge in a tangy and tantalizing experience with JO's Juicy Pineapple lubricant, an intriguing addition that offers a flavorful twist to intimate moments. Ideal for him or her, this pineapple-infused lubricant adds a zesty edge to your sensual encounters.

Each bottle within this sampler pack is crafted to cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a plethora of options for intimate play. Whether seeking a silky glide for massage, a classic and reliable lubricant, or a fruity adventure, the JO Limited Edition Triple Pack - Classic promises a range of sensations to amplify your pleasure.

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