Beginner's Handcuffs


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Facts about this sex toy
The Soft and Sexy Handcuffs are perfect for adventurous couples. These easy-on, easy-off handcuffs are comfortable and very secure.
Features of this sex toy
  • Soft and Sexy Handcuffs
  • Perfect for couples
  • Soft and secure

Full Description of this sex toy loves the Soft and Sexy Handcuffs because they are soft, comfortable, and best of all—very secure. These handcuffs may be soft and easy on the wrists, but they're also secure enough to make you feel like you can't escape. These adjustable handcuffs will fit most any size wrist, from big to small.

The Soft and Sexy Handcuffs feature easy-on, easy-off closures and 2 snap link connectors. If you have a metal headboard with thin bars, you might be able to connect the Soft and Sexy Handcuffs to your headboard. You can also link them around poles or table legs for more fun options.

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