K-Y Yours And Mine Couples' Lubricant Set


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Facts about this sex toy
K-Y Yours + Mine features two lubricants, one for him and one for her, for double the pleasure.

Features of this sex toy
  • K-Y Yours and Mine Couples Lubricants
  • Two exciting lubricants, his and hers
  • 1.5 ounces each

Full Description of this sex toy
K-Y Yours+Mine is a set of personal lubricants made especially for couples. Why two lubricants? It takes two lubricants to make your lovemaking add up to a totally different experience. You do the math: an invigorating sensation for him, plus a thrilling sensation for you. Put the two together, and suddenly, everything's just right.

K-Y Yours and Mine Couples Lubricant is a catalyst for exploration. You applies yours (blue bottle) to him. He applies hers (purple bottle) to you. Rub into intimate areas and feel the heat and tingling. Together the lubricants ignite to cause intensely exciting, slippery sensations. Enhance your lovemaking with KY Yours and Mine.

K-Y Yours + Mine is latex condom safe. Each bottle contains 1.5 ounces (44mL) of lubricant.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
My husband and I have

My husband and I have tried this product twice now. It was sticky, oily, messy to clean up, caused a bit of a burning but not the burning that you want. Also, both times we tried it, I ended up getting a bladder infection which is SO PAINFUL and having to get an antibiotic to get better. We threw the rest out! We\'ll go back to using just the regular KY Jelly after this. We ended up having to pay for the product and then antibiotics. Geeh, what a deal. NOT!!!!

the his portion made my

the his portion made my boyfriend too numb!

whoa! a little too much

whoa! a little too much sensation for me. my boyfriend loved his part of it. we just use his and i actually like it too. the female one made me feel like i was on fire ... cold fire!

I thought this was all

I thought this was all hype, but my boyfriend grabbed some, and I\'m a believer. I love playing with it. They really feel crazy when they combine.

yours and mine

These do feel awesome! I agree, a fun way to spend time fooling around with your man. I love the warmth and he loves the tingle.