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Full Description of this sex toy
About Libida.com: Step into the world of Libida.com, where sex therapists paved the way for enhanced pleasure and privacy in 1999. Uncover a range of products crafted to elevate your intimate experiences with discretion.

Why we offer LELO BEADS - Kegal Ball Set:
The LELO BEADS Mini Kegel Ball Set in Blue/Pink unveils a discreet, sensuality-focused experience designed to elevate pleasure while enhancing pelvic floor strength. Tailored for those cherishing their sensuality, these Kegel balls offer an innovative approach to fitness, blending the realms of pleasure and exercise seamlessly.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Pleasure & Fitness: Provides a discreet and body-safe alternative for exercising the pelvic floor muscles, leading to multiple orgasms and heightened sensual experiences.

  • Effective Kegel Exercising: Strengthens the vaginal walls and PC muscles, promoting pelvic health and enhancing bladder control for women of all ages.

  • Movement-Induced Sensations: When worn, the LELO Beads™ induce tingling sensations with natural movements, causing muscles to contract, ensuring a comfortable yet effective workout.

  • Health Benefits: Offers an array of health benefits, improving bladder control while nurturing the pleasures that self-care brings to the body.

  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from ABS Plastic and Silicone with a glossy finish, ensuring a body-friendly and safe experience.

  • Dimensions & Weight: Mini diameter of 29 mm (1.1 in), girdle size of 75 x 30 x 10 mm (3.0 x 1.2 x 0.4 in). Includes two pairs: one weighing 28 g (0.06 lb) each and another at 37 g (0.08 lb) each.

Unveil the LELO Beads Mini™ and delve into a journey of sensual fitness. Each set includes a Satin Storage Pouch for discreet storage, a Warranty Registration Card, and a Detailed Instruction Manual. Elevate your sensuality, embrace self-care, and discover the delightful pleasures while nurturing your pelvic health with the LELO BEADS Mini Kegel Ball Set in Blue/Pink.

Libida.com is committed to discretion. Your personal items are shipped in a plain box, and credit card billing is handled privately to ensure your privacy.

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Based on 3 reviews
Note - Prior to 2015 Libida's reviews were only done at the site level. This is one of those. It ...

Libida has definitely improved our libido.

Note - Site Review: Prior to 2015 Libida's reviews were only done at the site level. This is one ...


Note - Prior to 2015 Libida's reviews were only done at the site level. This is one of those. It ...

Discreet box was a nice touch.