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Full Description of this sex toy
About Unveil the secrets to a more fulfilling sex life at, a trusted haven since 1999. Crafted by sex therapists, our collection combines expertise with privacy, allowing you to explore your desires confidently.

Why we offer Maximum Strength Desensitizing Spray by JO:
Discover heightened endurance and prolonged intimacy with the JO® Prolonger Maximum Strength Desensitizing Spray. Crafted to offer an enhanced experience for him, this spray is tailored for those seeking prolonged pleasure and control.

Key Features:

  • Maximum strength desensitizing spray for endurance

  • Contains Lidocaine for reducing nerve sensitivity

  • Designed for quick action and rapid drying

  • Facilitates synchronized climax for partners

This quick-drying, fast-acting formula features Lidocaine, a key ingredient aimed at diminishing nerve sensitivity. By gently reducing sensation, this spray assists in prolonging the time until ejaculation, allowing for an extended and more satisfying experience for both partners.

The application of the JO® Prolonger Spray is effortless, ensuring an easy incorporation into your intimate routine. Discover the ideal dosage that works for you to prolong your intimate moments and achieve simultaneous satisfaction. However, it's essential to allow the product to dry adequately before engaging in any intimacy.

Please note, this product is specifically formulated for external use only and is not intended for oral consumption. Embrace enhanced endurance and amplified pleasure while exploring the depths of prolonged intimacy with the JO® Prolonger Maximum Strength Desensitizing Spray.

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