The Original Venus Butterfly Wearable Sex Toy

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Facts about this sex toy
The Venus Butterfly is a great toy for solo or couple's play. This unique vibrator is worn during sex to maximize clitoral stimulation. The Venus Butterfly is hands-free.
Features of this sex toy
  • A clitoral stimulator
  • Can be worn during sex
  • Takes 3 AA batteries

A pleasurable sex toy
Full Description of this sex toy
The Venus Butterfly is another popular and unique vibrator. The Venus Butterfly vibrator is held in place with straps. It is almost worn like a pair of panties.

The Venus Butterfly provides targeted stimulation to the clitoris, while leaving your hands free to play with a dildo or partner. The Venus Butterfly can be worn during partner sex for unrivaled clitoral pleasure. The Butterfly vibrates at a pleasurable hum.

The Vibrating Venus Butterfly fits comfortably and feels soft and sensual. Powered by a 3 AA multi-speed battery pack, the Venus Butterfly has plenty of power.

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