Love Rider Double Dildo

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Facts about this sex toy
Why not share the pleasure? Experience simultaneous enjoyment with this strapless strap on toy. The Love Rider is an amazing strapless strap-on that allows you to feel every sensation you give your partner.
Features of this sex toy
  • A strapless strap-on dildo
  • No vibration
  • Stays inside one partner and penetrates the other
  • 7.5˝ by 1.5˝

Full Description of this sex toy
The Love Rider is a strapless strap-on that allows women to get as close as possible. One side of the dildo stays stationary inside the dominant partner while the other side slides in and out of the submissive partner. The Love Rider's unique design allows it to stay put during sex, while stimulating both partners.

The Love Rider double dildo features a dynamic, powerful length, a centered bulge to provide optimal support, a bendable joint for pleasure at any angle and a short, rounded ending for G-spot stimulation. It is shaped to fit and tone vaginal muscles.

The Love Rider is a total of eleven inches long, with a 7.5 inch dong and 3.5 inch portion that stimulates the dominant partner. The 7.5 inch portion is about 1.5 inches in diameter, while the four inch portion is bulbous and 1.25 inches in diameter.

The Love Rider is made of soft, bendable silicone. The Love Rider is the perfect way to enjoy mutual penetration while keeping your hands free for even more stimulation.

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