Slipper Stuff Personal Lubrican - Water Based - 4 oz.

Slippery Stuff

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Full Description of this sex toy
About Dive into a world of sensual exploration at, the brainchild of sex therapists committed to privacy since 1999. Let our curated offerings empower your intimate moments without compromising discretion.

Why we offer Slipper Stuff Personal Lubrican - Water Based - 4 oz. :
The "Slippery Stuff Gel 4oz Tube" is an intimate enhancement that heightens the pleasure of intimate connections, designed to offer a seamless and enjoyable experience without the residue commonly associated with lubricants.

Key Features:

  • 4 oz. tube of water-based lubricant

  • Enhances intimate contact

  • Odorless and hygienic

  • Water-soluble for easy cleaning

This water-based lubricant, known as Slippery Stuff, is meticulously formulated to intensify the pleasure of intimate moments. Crafted with care, it ensures a smooth and enjoyable encounter without the discomfort of stickiness, allowing partners to focus solely on the sensations.

The 4 oz. tube provides a convenient and discreet way to access this lubricant, ensuring that it's readily available to heighten moments of intimacy. Its water-based composition and odorless nature make it both hygienic and suitable for prolonged use, ensuring an extended experience of sensual delight.

Slippery Stuff stands as a testament to its efficacy, capable of lasting throughout the night and beyond, offering sustained lubrication without compromising on quality or sensation. Its water-soluble formula facilitates easy cleaning, leaving no traces behind after use.

Embrace the pleasure-enhancing qualities of Slippery Stuff Personal Lubricant as it elevates your intimate encounters, allowing you to revel in the sensations without any distractions. Explore a world of heightened intimacy and seamless pleasure with this water-based lubricant that promises an experience free from stickiness and full of unadulterated enjoyment.

Rest assured, when you order personal items from, your package will arrive discreetly in a plain box—your privacy is our priority.

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