The 50 Shades of Gray Pinwheel


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Full Description of this sex toy
About Dive into a world of sensual exploration at, the brainchild of sex therapists committed to privacy since 1999. Let our curated offerings empower your intimate moments without compromising discretion.

Why we offer The 50 Shades of Gray Pinwheel:
The 50 Shades of Gray Pinwheel, also known as the Adrenaline Metal Pinwheel, delivers an electrifying sensation, inducing an adrenaline rush with its intense prongs and alluring weight. Crafted to effortlessly roll over every curve, this Wartenberg wheel introduces 22 stimulating spikes, delicately dancing across your partner's skin, awakening nerve endings, and heightening their responsiveness for further sensual indulgence.

Key Features:

  • Features 22 prickly spikes for heightened stimulation

  • Facilitates nerve awakening and increased sensory responsiveness

  • Made from nickel-free metal for hypoallergenic play

  • Weighs 59 grams, offering a substantial and weighty feel

  • Dimensions: 7.3 inches in length

Indulge in sensory exploration with the 50 Shades of Gray Pinwheel, designed to provoke an intense thrill and heightened sensitivity. As it gracefully glides over your partner's body, its 22 stimulating spikes delicately awaken nerve endings, setting the stage for a journey into heightened pleasure.

Crafted from nickel-free metal, this pinwheel ensures hypoallergenic play, catering to a variety of skin types and sensitivities. Weighing 59 grams and measuring 7.3 inches in length, this exquisite tool offers a substantial, weighty feel, intensifying the sensory experience and adding a touch of thrilling excitement to your intimate encounters.

Rest assured, when you order personal items from, your package will arrive discreetly in a plain box—your privacy is our priority.

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