The Womanizer Duo 2 - Clitoral Air Stimulator


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Full Description of this sex toy
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Why we offer The Womanizer Duo 2 - Clitoral Air Stimulator:
The Womanizer Duo 2 in elegant lilac harmoniously combines Pleasure Air clitoral stimulation with potent G-spot vibrations, introducing a new dimension of gratifying blended climaxes. As the pinnacle dual stimulator, this rabbit-style toy transcends conventional pleasure, creating an unparalleled experience of whole-body orgasms.

**Product Features:**

  • Pleasure Air Technology: Indulge in pulsating waves and gentle suction around the clitoris, paving the way for extraordinary, breath-stealing orgasms.

  • Dual Stimulation: Simultaneously engages the G-spot with deep, rumbly vibrations while treating the clitoris to suction-like Pleasure Air stimulation, crafting intensely satisfying blended orgasms.

  • Ergonomic Flexible Shape: The upwardly curved, flexible inner arm precisely targets the G-spot with gentle vibrations for a heightened sensual experience.

  • Waterproof Design: Completely waterproof (IPX7), facilitating effortless cleaning and enabling enjoyment beyond the confines of the bedroom.

  • 10 Vibration Patterns: Explore 10 distinct vibration patterns, from undulating waves to spirited cha-chas or unwavering steady vibrations, to discover your rhythm.

  • 14 Intensity Levels: With an additional two intensity levels, the DUO 2 adapts to suit every mood, offering a myriad of pleasurable experiences.

  • Afterglow Function: Briefly pressing the power button allows the DUO 2 to transition to a lower setting, offering a soothing conclusion to an orgasmic journey.

  • Smart Silence: Automatically deactivates when not in contact with the skin, ensuring discreet and intuitive usage.


  • Battery Type: USB rechargeable lithium-ion

  • Head Material: Body-safe silicone

  • Material: ABS body-safe silicone free from phthalates, BPA, or latex

  • Run Time: 120 minutes

  • Charge Time: 120 minutes

  • Waterproof: IPX7

  • Product Dimensions: 88mm x 203mm x 58mm

  • Product Weight: 263g

  • Unit Dimensions: 210mm x 203mm x 71mm

  • Unit Weight: 740g

  • Warranty: 5 years

The packaging contains The Womanizer DUO 2, USB charging cable (AC adaptor not included), an additional stimulation head, quick-start guide, safety instructions, and a cotton storage pouch, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfying journey into pleasure.

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