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Full Description of this sex toy
About Step into the world of, where sex therapists paved the way for enhanced pleasure and privacy in 1999. Uncover a range of products crafted to elevate your intimate experiences with discretion.

Why we offer This Paddle Has Two Sides - Leather or Fur:
The "SS Dual-Sided Leather & Fur Paddle" embodies versatility and quality, offering a dual-textured experience with its high-quality black leather and soft faux fur sides, designed to cater to diverse impact preferences during intimate play.

Key Features:

  • Dual-sided paddle with leather and faux fur

  • High-quality black leather for impact

  • Soft faux fur side for gentle sensations

  • Versatile for varying impact preferences

Crafted with precision, this paddle boasts a dual-sided design, combining the tactile allure of high-quality black leather with the sensuousness of soft faux fur. The leather side offers a firmer impact for those seeking a more intense sensation during play.

The soft faux fur side serves as a delightful contrast, allowing for gentler, soothing caresses and sensual strokes, creating a different kind of tactile pleasure. This versatility allows partners to explore a spectrum of sensations, adjusting the impact according to their desires.

The high-quality materials ensure a premium experience, whether seeking a more assertive impact with the leather side or indulging in the tactile softness of the faux fur. The dual-sided nature of the paddle offers an array of options for sensual exploration and erotic play.

Experience the duality of sensations with the SS Dual-Sided Leather & Fur Paddle, as it invites exploration and sensual discovery. Let the high-quality leather and soft faux fur sides guide your journey, offering varied experiences that cater to your changing desires and preferences during intimate play. is committed to discretion. Your personal items are shipped in a plain box, and credit card billing is handled privately to ensure your privacy.

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