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Full Description of this sex toy
About, created by sex therapists in 1999, welcomes you to a realm of intimate exploration. With privacy at the forefront, our diverse collection is tailored to enhance your pleasure discreetly and confidently.

Why we offer Vaginal Tightening Serum by JO:
Indulge in heightened intimacy with JO® Vaginal Tightening Serum, a revolutionary blend crafted to enhance pleasure through its tightening and moisturizing effects on vaginal tissue. This serum, meticulously designed for your comfort, delivers its magic within minutes of application, elevating sensations and intensifying your experience of intimacy.

Key Features:

  • Tightens and moisturizes vaginal tissue swiftly

  • Safe for daily use

  • Compatible with toys

  • Offers a cooling sensation that intensifies pleasure

  • Easy and comfortable application

The formula features a delicate blend of moisturizers that enrich its creamy texture, ensuring a soft and comforting sensation upon application. Its subtle cooling effect tantalizes with a delightful tingle, heightening sensations and intensifying your intimate moments.

Designed for effortless and comfortable application, this serum comes with a convenient no-drip pump, allowing for easy dispensing using your fingers or a vibrator. Its compatibility with toys ensures an added dimension of pleasure during your sensual escapades.

Enriched with a blend of carefully selected ingredients like Bisabolol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder, Witch Hazel Leaf Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract, and Peppermint Oil, this serum delivers a holistic experience. These components contribute to the tightening effect while simultaneously moisturizing the tissue, providing a soothing, comfortable, and refreshing application.

JO® Vaginal Tightening Serum is not just about heightening pleasure; it's a thoughtful formula designed to elevate your intimacy, ensuring a sensation-rich and comfortable experience each time you use it. Enhance your intimate moments and rediscover the joy of intensified pleasure with JO® Vaginal Tightening Serum. ensures your peace of mind. Your personal items ship in a plain box, and credit card billing is handled privately for the utmost discretion.

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Based on 3 reviews
Note - Prior to 2015 Libida's reviews were only done at the site level. This is one of those. It ...

This was a big hit. When the plain box arrived I had forgotten that I ordered so I opened it near the kids. That was sorta scary but I dodged any questions and told them it was toothepast. Then I brought it up to our bathroom and used it that night. Oh mercy.

Note - Site Review: Prior to 2015 Libida's reviews were only done at the site level. This is one ...

We are going to have a big weekend this weekend.

Note - Site Review: Prior to 2015 Libida's reviews were only done at the site level. This is one ...

Thrilled with the purchase.