Water Based Lube by Mood - 4 oz.

Doc Johnson

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Full Description of this sex toy
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Why we offer Water Based Lube by Mood - 4 oz. :
The "Mood Lube Water Based" stands as a versatile and indispensable addition to intimate encounters, designed to heighten pleasure during partnered play and to complement various materials and toys. A vital component of the esteemed line of Mood Lubes, exclusively crafted in the USA by Doc Johnson, this lube ensures a seamless and pleasurable journey into the realms of intimacy.

Key Features:

  • Water-based lube for versatile use

  • Compatible with various materials and toys

  • Part of the popular Mood Lubes line by Doc Johnson

  • Packaged in a stylish 4 oz. pump bottle for convenience

  • Water-based formula for a smooth and satisfying experience

  • 4 oz. bottle crafted in the USA

This Mood Lube Water Based variant is a quintessential multipurpose solution, offering compatibility during partnered intimacy and with a diverse range of materials and toys. Formulated as part of the renowned Mood Lubes line by Doc Johnson, it assures an indulgent and seamless journey into pleasure.

Crafted in the USA and packaged in a stylish 4 oz. pump bottle, this water-based lube embodies convenience and satisfaction. Its versatile nature allows for a smooth and satisfying experience, ensuring compatibility with various materials and toys, enhancing every intimate encounter with a touch of luxury and pleasure. Indulge in the Mood Lube Water Based, a versatile companion crafted for pleasure, ensuring satisfaction and excitement during every intimate moment.

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