Peppermint Cooling Lubricant - 4 oz.

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About Welcome to, where pleasure meets privacy! Founded in 1999 by sex therapists, we're dedicated to enhancing your sex life discreetly and sensually. Explore a world of intimate delights curated just for you.

Why we offer Peppermint Cooling Lubricant - 4 oz. :
Experience a sensation that's refreshingly tantalizing with the Peppermint Cooling Lubricant, a 4 oz. wonder by Swiss Navy. Crafted to invigorate your senses, this water-based flavored lubricant is more than just a lubricant—it's a deliciously authentic experience designed to elevate intimacy.

Key Features:

  • Realistic Peppermint Flavor: Indulge in an authentic taste of peppermint crafted by a Fortune 500 food company, ensuring a genuine and delightful peppermint experience.

  • Non-Sticky Formula: Glide into pleasure without worrying about stickiness or residue, allowing for a smooth and uninterrupted encounter.

  • Paraben and Sugar-Free: Prioritizing your well-being, this lubricant is free from parabens and sugars, providing a worry-free and safe experience.

  • Water-Based Formula: Ensures compatibility with condoms, promoting safe and secure usage during your intimate moments.

  • Manufactured in the USA: Designed, formulated, and crafted in the United States, ensuring the highest quality standards and safety measures.

Swiss Navy's Cooling Peppermint Water-Based Flavored Lubricant offers a journey into a world of sensational pleasure. Its genuine peppermint flavor, free from parabens and sugars, assures a safe and delectable experience. Designed to mimic the authentic taste of peppermint, this luscious lubricant invites you to savor intimate moments in a refreshingly delightful way.

Formulated with ingredients like water, glycerin, and cellulose gum, this lubricant prioritizes safety and authenticity. Its water-based nature ensures compatibility with condoms, offering a secure and enjoyable encounter while keeping the stickiness at bay.

Specially crafted to ignite your senses and enhance your intimacy, the Peppermint Cooling Lubricant by Swiss Navy is a tantalizing addition to your sensual repertoire. Dive into a realm of genuine flavor and unbridled pleasure with this invigorating and tantalizing lubricant, ensuring every intimate encounter is an enticing exploration. prioritizes your confidentiality. Order personal items with confidence, as they will be shipped in a plain box, and credit card billing is private.

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