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Facts about this sex toy
The Womanizer Premium somehow makes the world-famous Womanizer even better by adding some awesome new functions and features!
Features of this sex toy
  • Waterproof and Rechargeable
  • 12 Modes
  • Pleasure Air Technology

  • Full Description of this sex toy

    The Womanizer Premium is a unique, new clitoral vibrator that feels amazing. It might look a little weird, but looks, in this case, are deceiving. The Womanizer clit sucker forms a seal around your clit, and it provides light vibration and what feels like suction (It's actually air blowing on your clitoris). It's an all-new feeling that will give you incredible clitoral orgasms.

    We love the Womanizer Premium even more than the original Womanizer clit vibrator and other clit toys because it’s added some amazing features. It’s waterproof, features magnetic charging, and has a whopping 12 intensity levels - more than ever before! It also has two totally unique features that we’ve never seen on any other sex toys. The first is Autopilot mode, which you can set to let the toy change its own pattern and intensity on the fly so it can surprise and thrill you with unexpected sensations! The second is Smart Silence, which turns the Womanizer on automatically when it gets close to your skin and off automatically when you move it away. Pretty great features for a sex toy to have, if you ask us!

    The Womanizer Premium is a waterproof rechargeable clitoral massager made of silicone and ABS plastic. The Womanizer Premium is a clit pump that is 6.5 inches long, and the suction head has a diameter of about 1 inch. The Womanizer Premium features 12 speeds of suction and vibration and easy push-button controls.

    The Womanizer clit massager feels like perfect oral sex, or like soft, rhythmic stroking of the clitoris. It is at once gentle yet firm, subtle yet intense. It sucks your clitoris in gently, but doesn't apply direct stimulation to it. Lots of women report orgasms in under five minutes, and the ability to easily have multiple orgasms with this toy. We especially love the Womanizer Premium clitoral pump’s Autopilot feature, which lets you sit back and relax and let the toy take you on a thrilling journey toward multiple orgasms!

    The Womanizer Premium is a waterproof, rechargeable clitoral sucker that comes with a magnetic USB charging cord and storage pouch. The Womanizer Premium is made from premium silicone and ABS plastic. The Womanizer Premium can be used with any water-based personal lubricant, and has detailed cleaning instructions described in the user’s manual.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    It works quickly

    We replaced our original Womanizer with this new premium version. The original was fantastic for quite some time but has lost some of its power recently, so we decided to replace. New model had plenty of power is about half the size of the original and much easier to use. While expensive, we could not think of a better way to treat ourselves. If this one lasts for a year or more then it is easily worth the cost. Quiet, powerful, easy to use and very effective. Other than high cost there was no downside

    Oh my, my, my

    Oh my, I came within 2 minutes and I came so very wonderfully. It was unbelievable. Like this little thing is a pleasure machine and it just flicked a switch and I felt intense, really intense pleasure. I guess that is why they call it turning you on. Well the womanizer turned me on right away.